This weekend, two events are duking it out for a bigger piece of the average American’s wallet — the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day.

And thanks to inflation, both chicken wings and chocolate have become much more expensive.

While the spread of omicron has slowed, inflation makes it doubtful that Super Bowl parties will be back in full swing this year.

According to Wells Fargo, food prices are up about 14% compared to last year.

CNN Business traced these higher prices to meat.

Hoping to serve a stack of chicken wings? You’ll be shelling out 12% more than last year.

More of a hamburger fan? Ground beef is 13% higher.

But if you’re a big spender, feel free to shell out 21% more for steak.

And you won’t catch a break when it’s time to celebrate Valentine’s Day on Monday, either.

Thanks to inflation and ongoing supply chain shortages, flower shops and chocolatiers alike are having to raise their prices.

According to CBS News, some florists are being driven out of business due to freight prices.

And chocolate makers are being hit with a 50% increase for those ever-popular Valentine heart boxes thanks to transportation costs.

It’s discouraging. After all, when we’re forced to spend more money on everyday consumption — groceries, gas, general goods — that’s less money we have to put into savings and investing.

But that doesn’t mean it’s time to give up on the stock market.

There are still plenty of opportunities to be found. You just need to know where to look.

Make sure to follow along in Winning Investor Daily next week as Ian King and the rest of the team dive into the best ways to survive this uncertain environment.

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