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Here at Banyan Hill Publishing, we are a research and publishing company that provides financial advice and entrepreneurial guidance. Banyan Hill’s financial experts include names like Charles Mizrahi, Ted Bauman, and Ian King among others. 

Our Banyan Hill website, thanks to our copious editorial staff and financial analysts, produces up to five FREE articles per day. 

However, we also offer premium subscription newsletters that go more in-depth on stock market analysis.

Banyan Hill is an affiliate franchise of The Agora Companies, one of the biggest financial companies in the world. With a long history in the financial publishing business, our research and guidance covers a vast range of topics. They range from investments in several different long and short-term stocks or ETFs, options trading and dividend strategies, to intensive coverage on market research.

As a testament to our dedication to making investing simple and profitable, check out what some of our real subscribers had to say:


Because parts of our business act as a financial advisory publication, some of our services point to those looking to make money in the stock market without having to do the heavy lifting of research on their own. The expert financial analysts here at Banyan Hill do the research for subscribers, then provide actionable insights, allowing subscribers to make money through investing. The Banyan Hill newsletter subscriptions cover a variety of economic topics and evaluate trends in different markets regularly. Interested subscribers can choose from the available subscriptions to find what best meets their investing style. 


The investment services here at Banyan Hill allow users to choose a subscription that suits their investment style. They range from free daily newsletters to lower-priced and affordable stock research newsletters, to premium investment publications. Most of the financial experts who write for Banyan Hill or provide access to their newsletter do it through publications. They do it through Banyan Hill’s subscriptions, where they elaborate on several investment topics and provide professional guidance. Banyan covers investment in stocks, bonds, exchange-traded funds, and even retirement and wealth protection strategies. Our premium services provided by Charles Mizrahi, Ian King and Ted Bauman allow subscribers to “peer over the shoulders” of the esteemed analysts and editors as they dive deep into specific companies and determine whether or not they would make solid investments.

Our investment services range from short-term stock positions, long-term holds, and quick options plays for monthly income and profits.

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