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Andrew Prince

Andrew PrinceAndrew PrinceResearch Analyst

Andrew Prince began his journey as a self-taught investor in 2014. He later pursued a more formal investment education and graduated with two master’s degrees from Southern New Hampshire University.

He continues to build his knowledge and strengthen his skills by working toward passing the Chartered Financial Analyst exams.

Andrew joined Banyan Hill in 2021 as an analyst on Ian King’s team. He currently utilizes his investment and research skills to write articles for Winning Investor Daily.

He also assists the team in contributing his analyst skills in Strategic Fortunes, New Era Fortunes and Next Wave Crypto Fortunes.

Andrew Prince's Articles

Media declared c The Media Has Declared Bitcoin Dead 455 Times - The world of crypto is much bigger than bitcoin and Dogecoin. And it's much more mainstream than most people realize.
These Next-Gen Cryptos Are the Future of Real Estate These Next-Gen Cryptos Are the Future of Real Estate - With real estate prices growing at the fastest rate in history, these next-gen cryptos are a huge deal.
two surprising charts that show that travel isn’t dead 2 Surprising Charts Show What’s Next for Travel - Americans’ pent-up desire for vacations is fueling a massive travel boom.
Rpbot take care of the elderly These Next-Gen Robots Will Care for the Elderly - We’re in a new age of robotic assistants that are better and smarter in every way.
Flying Cars Are Closer Than You Think - Flying cars are an idea that’s gathering a lot of interest and funding.
bullish on cryptos I’m More Bullish on Cryptos Than Ever — Here’s Why - Venture capitalists and other private investors are finding plenty of opportunities in the crypto world.
Record gas prices are a turning point for EVs Record Gas Prices Are a Turning Point for EVs - We can expect gas prices to remain at this high level for a while. To cope with these conditions, more Americans are looking at EVs.
Crypto backed mortgage loans in the real estate market Real Estate Is Getting a Crypto-Fueled Upgrade - Some startups are tackling Miami’s real estate problem by creating a next-generation mortgage product.
cryptos are going mainstream Cryptos Are Going Mainstream — Institutional Moves Prove It - Institutions like your local bank and your retirement plan provider are getting involved. That means cryptos are becoming more accessible than ever.
Move to earn crypto app Meet Your Fitness Goals With Move-to-Earn Cryptos - Back in 2019, I started training to run the 2020 Miami Marathon. My pace was decent during the marathon. But I wasn’t satisfied because I knew I could do better. A few weeks afterward, the world went into lockdown due to COVID-19. The gyms shut down. So running was the only way I could work […]

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