Welcome to this week’s edition of Mega Trend Thursday. The tech stock in this week’s video is a personal favorite of mine because it combines the virtual world with the physical world.

This is also known as the metaverse.

In particular, the tech stock I’m discussing today creates digital twins: exact digital replicas of physical properties.

The implications for this tech are huge. Already, thousands of firms are using it to improve customer experiences: everyone from real estate company Minto Group, exercise studio OrangeTheory and global retailer GUESS.

So today, I dive into all the details on this tech stock’s potential.

I also reveal:

🔥 No. 1: The exact name and ticker symbol of this tiny firm with HUGE potential.

🔥 No. 2: What the company just revealed in its latest earnings announcement.

🔥 No. 3: And how this tech stock is set up to take advantage of the larger digital-twin market.

It’s all right here in your Mega Trend Thursday video.

(If you’d prefer to read a transcript, click here.)

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Amber Lancaster

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