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Winning Investor Daily – Vital Stock Movements & Trends

As one of the fastest-growing financial publications in America, Winning Investor Daily is setting the standard for timely insights, easy-to-follow analysis, and proven market research for use by both the novice investor and the seasoned pro alike.   

Combining more than 50 years of Wall Street investing, trading, and boots-on-the-ground research, the Winning Investor Daily team of Matt Badiali, Charles Mizrahi, Chad Shoop and John Ross give you cutting-edge insights into investment opportunities and trends you won’t find anywhere else.

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Recent Winning Investor Daily Articles

Avoid These 2 Sick Stocks — Look at This Healthy One Instead (8-minute video) Is the stock market going to soar higher or fall back down to test the lows? Charles Mizrahi, frankly, doesn’t give a damn. He won’t waste time trying to figure out the direction of the market during the short term. Instead he focuses on sound businesses trading at bargain prices.
The Worst May Be Over, but We Haven’t Felt This Recession Yet (4-minute read) Investors and consumers are feeling good. But that optimism is misplaced, as John Ross will explain today.
One Stock to Own This Summer (4-minute read) “Sell in May and go away” may not be the right advice this year. But even if it is, Chad Shoop has a recommendation to trade it.
Congratulations on 84% Gains on These 2 Silver ETFs (3-minute read) Did you follow Matt’s recommendation? If you bought silver after his March 30 update, you’re up double digits. Here’s what happened…
Free Report: How to Profit From Options (2-minute read) Free special report: How to Profit From Options. Thank you for taking our survey on John Ross and Chad Shoop’s bonus options trades last week!
We Heard You! Special Video: How to Make an Options Trade (2-minute read) Our survey responses are in! You want a step-by-step walkthrough for how options work and how to trade them. So here it is!
2 Ways to Play the Market Recovery (10-minute video) COVID-19 reset the economy in a big way. Weak companies got the stuffing knocked out of them, while businesses that were doing well before the outbreak continue to thrive. Today, Charles Mizrahi discusses two of those companies — and shows you why they’ll do even better once the economy fully reopens.
Don’t Fight the Fed. Mow the Lawn Instead (3-minute read) The stock market was in a frenzy on Monday. But John Ross didn't let it get to him. Instead, he mowed the lawn.
How to Trade With a 100% Win Rate, Even in a Pandemic (4-minute read) Chad Shoop is still aiming for a 100% win-rate — even amid this pandemic. How? He'll show you his winning strategy.
If You Could Kill the Coronavirus, Why Wouldn’t You? (4-minute read) Countertops, handrails and buttons could be coated in an anti-bacterial, anti-viral metal that kills coronavirus. But they're not. As industries pivot to react to this pandemic (and any others in the future), the demand for this metal will soar. But no one is paying attention…
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