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As one of the fastest-growing financial publications in America, Winning Investor Daily is setting the standard for timely insights, easy-to-follow analysis, and proven market research for use by both the novice investor and the seasoned pro alike.   

Combining more than 50 years of Wall Street investing, trading, and boots-on-the-ground research, the Winning Investor Daily team of Matt Badiali, Charles Mizrahi, Chad Shoop, Anthony Planas and John Ross give you cutting-edge insights into investment opportunities and trends you won’t find anywhere else.

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Recent Winning Investor Daily Articles

carnival cruise top view of cruise ship [UPDATE] Virus Panic — Could This Cruise Ship Stock Rally 50%? Shares of Carnival have been under pressure, with major impacts expected, due to the coronavirus. In my latest Bank It or Tank It, I dive into how Wall Street will account for these impacts on Carnival. Plus, we’ll tackle its fundamentals and sentiment readings, and take a look at the price chart to see if we will bank it or tank it.
Stay Clear of This 22% Lightning-Bolt Collapse Investors are falling into a trap. They are rushing in to buy the rally. But one expert warns of a lightning bolt collapse. John Ross explains why it’s not safe to start buying … yet.
nvidia stock bank it or tank it Buy Nvidia Stock at Rock Bottom Prices The market took a beating through March. But one tech stock is faring better than most. That’s because it holds the keys to powering our future. Chad Shoop reveals his target price to buy this stock when it hits rock bottom.
2020 Crash Shattered a Key Indicator — Here’s How We Can Make 150% on Silver Silver prices were trampled in the sell-off. That pushed one key indicator to a 5,000 year extreme. And that’s opened the window for an unprecedented opportunity. Matt Badiali shares two ways to play the next giant swing in silver prices.
Expert Warning: Don’t Fall for This Market Trap The markets put in another wild week. After falling over 30%, they rallied 20%. But one of our experts warns that this is a trap! This week, Kristen Barrett highlights why our volatility experts are seeing numerous triple-digit gains — and just how you can get in on a piece of the action for free!
Bonus Options Trade — Profit From Recession Fears With Walmart Stocks rebounded a bit this week. And they might get bid up just a little bit higher. Investors are being lulled into a bull trap. That’s when bulls feel it’s safe to start buying again. But there’s another sharp decline to come. The full toll of a recession isn’t priced in yet. Here’s your opportunity […]
outbreak panic is going to cost you money Do the Opposite of Your Friends and Family The outbreak is a double threat to our health and money. But don’t surrender to fear. Anthony Planas shares how Wall Street is profiting from mass panic — and how you can avoid the same trap your friends and family are falling for.
My Message From Ground Zero: Invest Right Now
March 26, 2020 Winning Investor Daily
The coronavirus kicked New York City right in the teeth. Right now, it’s experiencing a shortage of beds, ventilators and testing kits in response to this pandemic. But Charles Mizrahi explains why New Yorkers are an optimistic people, and how our nation will figure out a way forward sooner rather than later.
This Signal Will Mark the Bottom The Fed is throwing money hand over fist to save America. But even that may not be enough. John Ross tells you about one indicator that will signal the end of this bear market.
Cannabis Sell-Off Opportunity: Watch for This Signal to Buy Markets are selling off but people are eager to buy great companies at great prices. This week Chad Shoop visits a potential buy in the cannabis sector: Canopy Growth Corp. Check out his latest Bank It or Tank It to learn about his key price target to buy.
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