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Winning Investor Daily – Vital Stock Movements & Trends

As one of the fastest-growing financial publications in America, Winning Investor Daily is setting the standard for timely insights, easy-to-follow analysis, and proven market research for use by both the novice investor and the seasoned pro alike.   

Combining more than 40 years of Wall Street investing, trading, and boots-on-the-ground research, the Winning Investor Daily team of Charles Mizrahi and Chad Shoop give you cutting-edge insights into investment opportunities and trends you won’t find anywhere else.

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Recent Winning Investor Daily Articles

Bonus Options Education: How to Select an Option Strike Price (5-minute read) Options may be complicated, but they’re not impossible to crack. Today, John Ross helps readers understand one important aspect of options.
Boomer Health Care Spending Forges Ahead — 1 Stock to Profit (6-minute video) As the Greatest Generation returned from war, they changed the world. They created the largest generation — and the largest economic force — America had ever seen. How can we profit from the next phase for the baby boomers?
The Economy May Not Survive Lockdown 2.0 (5-minute read) As stimulus efforts wind down, what happens next? The economy has begun to stall even while the stimulus continued. John Ross shows you what will happen next.
How to Profit as Wall Street Fumbles on Earnings (3-minute read) Companies will be reporting earnings for April through June very soon. This time frame covers the lockdowns across the U.S. What will it mean for the stock market?
What’s Next for Farmers and Fishers: Stuck in a Pandemic-Hit Industry (x-minute read) Matt Badiali is no stranger to fishers of Northeast Florida. He’s seen their struggle firsthand. He gives you his view of the agriculture market.
Expert’s Simple Strategy to Profit From Downtrends (No Options Trading) (3-minute read) Chad Shoop’s Profit Stacking strategy shows you how you can make money in downtrends. That might seem impossible. But let him show you how.
Chad’s “Quick Takes”: 2 Stocks to Buy and 3 to Sell Description: (5-minute video) Short-term traders love volatility. And that’s what we’re seeing in the market today. Chad Shoop walks you through gold prices and four stocks that he has his eye on.
This Ancient Chinese Game of ‘GO’ Reveals the Next Major Tech Investment We’re assimilating artificial intelligence into our daily lives. This fast-growing tech trend will revolutionize every industry and every facet of our lives. Charles Mizrahi recently identified the one company that’s going to be the leader of this coming tech revolution.
Crude Oil Turns Bullish — Play Its Rise With Profit Stacks (4-minute read) Oil is making new highs. Is this the start of a new bull market? John Ross shows you the numbers … and how to profit.
The No. 1 Way to Beat the Market (3-minute read) Want to beat the market? Buy-and-hold investing is not the best way. Chad Shoop shows you his strategy.
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