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Amber Lancaster

Amber LancasterAmber Lancaster Director of Investment Research

Ms. Amber Lancaster is the director of investment research for Bold Profits Publishing at Banyan Hill. She has been immersed in the investment and financial research world for over 20 years.

Ms. Lancaster began her financial career at Bloomberg LP as a data analyst and later as a team leader. She was responsible for a broad range of research activities, including examination of domestic and Eurobond floating rate notes and dividends on preferred stocks.

Later, she was employed at Weiss Research Inc., where she held various positions including senior research analyst, product manager and, in culmination, research department supervisor. As the research department supervisor, Ms. Lancaster led a team of researchers overseeing financial research requirements across all company divisions.

She then joined Banyan Hill Publishing as a senior research manager. In that role, Ms. Lancaster provided in-depth economic research and financial analysis for numerous Banyan Hill publications. She was also a weekly contributing writer for their daily financial e-letter, Smart Profits Daily.

Over the past decade, Ms. Lancaster wrote dozens of published financial articles. Currently, she is a featured weekly investment writer for the Bold Profits Daily e-letter. You can see her on–air each week giving her financial insights in the Bold Profits weekly “Market Talk” webcast.

Ms. Lancaster is the author of The Busy Person’s Guide to Personal Finance, a primer to help consumers manage their finances to build a substantial nest egg. She also conducts financial seminars, where she provides concepts to attain overall financial health.

She’s also discussed financial strategies for today’s consumers on various radio programs, from Fox News Radio and CNBC MarketWatch, to CNN Radio and Traders Nation.

In her free time, Ms. Lancaster is a classically trained soprano. She’s performed in operas in the Northeast and is currently a regularly featured vocalist in oratorios and concerts in the southern U.S.

Ms. Lancaster holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and a master’s in business administration with a concentration in finance.

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