The theme of the last 17 years has been “social media.”

With the internet everywhere, websites (and then apps) popped up to take socializing from bars to chatrooms.

Think Myspace, Twitter and Facebook.

Millennials, entering their teens right around 2000, had a front-row seat for it all.

When I started college, my classmates used Facebook for everything. Study sessions, dorm parties, movie nights — you name it.

My professors told us to tweet for office hours.

Then the “blogosphere” took off. Within four years, my college newspaper was digital only.

From there, my entire life went online.

By 2013, I met my husband on a dating app.

And I applied to my position at Banyan Hill on the app.

These days, I’m searching for babysitters on

Granted, I’m an extreme example.

But the fact remains that people are posting their entire lives on social media.

Companies boast: “Follow us on social media.”

TV shows encourage viewers to tune in for the actors’ live-tweets on Twitter.

“Social media influencer” is a career.

But this is all about to change thanks to the “metaverse.”

As Ian King has written before, the metaverse is where the digital and physical world intersect. Think augmented reality and virtual reality.

Soon, we won’t be posting on social media. We’ll be living our lives in the metaverse.

And the opportunity is huge.

The augmented reality market is set to grow from $25 billion to $36 billion over the next year. And that’s just the start.

A new report by Technavio suggests that the metaverse’s market share will balloon up to $50 billion by 2026.

So, the metaverse is going to be enormous.

That’s why Ian is focused on this opportunity in Strategic Fortunes. He recommended a digital behemoth.

It’s making one of the biggest bets in corporate history. And he’s confident that shares could triple by the middle of this decade…

To find out how to get access to his recommendation, click here.

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