Last week, we told you about the Federal Reserve’s announcement.

The news sparked a market rally to close out the second quarter.

Most companies won’t report second-quarter earnings until August. Right now, analysts can only speculate on what the next six months will bring for the stock market.

But some key developments are already sparking more optimism.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin signaled the U.S. and China could soon reach an agreement in the ongoing tariff war.

The Fed also suggested more interest rate slashes are on the table. Analysts are already pricing in more aggressive rate cuts for the year.

If you’ve been reading our experts’ market predictions in Winning Investor Daily, then you’ll know they’ve been writing about these bullish signs for months.

Looking back at the last six months, their predictions have held true in a stock market rocked by volatility.

Matt Badiali’s Gold Prediction

Matt Badiali told you back in December about one key trend to watch in 2019: rising prices in gold.

Market watchers were nervous about gold’s prospects at the end of 2018.

The commodity reached a historic bottom in the summer of last year.

Then it mounted a steady late-year rally. Prices rose higher than $1,250.

That still wasn’t enough to quiet the naysayers. Many feared the prospect of a stronger U.S. dollar would create downward pressure on the price of gold.

Back then, Matt hedged his bets on gold’s climb over the next year.

And his bullish view held true. As the U.S. dollar weakens, gold prices are surging.

The metal held at key price levels from January through May. It broke $1,300 per ounce in May.

And then June brought a huge rebound.

Gold prices rallied to a record high of $1,450.

Matt predicted the asset’s eventual climb. And he remains bullish on “safe-haven” assets just like it.

Stay tuned for his article on Monday! Matt will highlight a ratio that shows silver could be headed for a massive rally.

Anthony Planas on EV Metals

Early this year, Anthony Planas wrote about two important metals in the electric vehicle (EV) space: platinum and palladium.

Of these two, palladium surged 35% on demand in the second half of 2018. He predicted the metal could rally even higher in 2019.

He wrote:

In the short term, palladium likely has limited upside before prices stabilize. Platinum, on the other hand, will continue its rout lower until fuel cells earn recognition as a real contender for heavy-duty use. Watch for fuel cells to start getting mainstream attention before going long on platinum.

Anthony maintains that view today.

And he thinks another metal will surge with the EV revolution: copper.

Anthony and Matt are planning a special report for their Real Wealth Strategist readers very soon. They’ll reveal the best copper stock to profit from this big rally.

Just stay tuned to this space for more on that!

Chad Shoop’s Bullish Take

If you’ve followed our options expert, Chad Shoop, you know he’s one of Banyan Hill’s most bullish traders.

While other analysts suggested a bearish slide in 2019, he predicted the S&P 500 Index and other major indexes would rally through the year.

Back in January, many analysts were not so sure how the markets would fare. Trade-war tensions and potential interest-rate hikes led a wave of bearish sentiment.

After volatility in the first quarter, the indexes have surged over the last three months.

Chad predicted a bullish 2019. He actually wrote about an upward trend the S&P 500 has followed since 1929:

Two down years for the S&P 500 is very rare. Since 1929, the S&P 500 has declined two years in a row only four times. Those four declines occurred in 1929, 1939, 1973 and 2000. The market’s past behavior tells us 2019 is likely to be an up year for stocks. [That should] give you some peace of mind during any volatility that may linger from 2018.

The markets are supporting his theory.

The S&P 500 will likely hit a 3% gain for the quarter. Its performance in June represents its best month since January.

Investors see even more room for the major indexes to surge this year. They’ll certainly see greater relief with a resolution to the Trump administration’s ongoing trade war.

Next week, we’ll bring you more bullish predictions from our experts.

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