On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve announced benchmark interest rates would remain unchanged. At least in the short term.

The agency also left the door open for deeper rate cuts throughout the year.

Many analysts had hoped for a reduction in interest rates ahead of the statement.

But even with these concerns, the major indexes rallied this week.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average popped 249 points. That surge contributed to a daily high of 26,753.

And the S&P 500 Index jumped 27 points on Thursday. It hit a peak of 2,958 points the same day. That’s one of the highest intraday surges for the index this year!

All this good news comes with a caveat.

Market watchers across the globe still hold a weak economic outlook. Lingering trade-war tensions have dented analysts’ expectations for robust economic growth this year.

The Fed’s split decision also suggests an uncertain economic outlook. Fed Chair Jerome Powell set a target range of 2.25% to 2.5%.

Of the 17 Fed officials responsible for setting monetary policy, seven believe short-term rates should drop by 0.5% to keep inflation low and spur faster growth.

Whether rates rise or fall, our own experts see signs of relief in the markets.

Chad Shoop, editor of Quick Hit Profits, suggests the Fed won’t lower rates again unless we see one scenario play out in 2019:

I believe the Fed’s announcement will spark more volatility this year. Just don’t expect it to shift the markets in either direction.

Lower interest rates would boost the economy. They could lead to bigger gains in the stock market as well. But I just don’t see the Fed lowering rates in 2019.

Doing so would be an admission that it raised interest rates too high last year. I don’t think Fed officials believe this is the case.

Look for the Fed to focus on accommodative language. It wants to keep the markets at ease. I don’t see a full-blown rate cut until there’s further weakness in the economy.

Chad tells us he maintains a positive outlook on the economy.

During the market’s volatile moves in June, he’s managed to net his readers two 50% gains in less than three weeks.

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Senior analyst John Ross also offered his two major takeaways from the Fed’s statement:

Two things from the Fed caught my attention.

First, Fed Chair Jerome Powell emphasized a commitment to “sustain the economic expansion.” That gives investors some confidence.

It also sets the market up for another breakout. The 2016 breakout sparked a 38% rally over the next 18 months.

Second, the Fed changed its classification of U.S. economic growth from “solid” to “moderate.” Moderate growth occurs in the late stage of an economic cycle.

Basic materials stocks perform well in the late stage of the cycle. I’m watching for a rotation. I expect the current leaders — tech and financial stocks — to take a backseat to materials and energy.

John Ross tracks the current market cycle in his Winning Investor Daily articles. He also offered his perspective on the U.S. economy’s growth cycle in a recent YouTube video.

Many experts believe the economy is experiencing a phase of rapid expansion, which typically happens before a market contraction.

As John mentioned above, he thinks the materials sector will trend higher over the current market cycle. And he wants to let you know how to trade this sector for gains.

You can learn more about his strategy at the link below.

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We’d like to thank all of you who responded to our question about Tesla last week.

We learned that the majority of you are still bullish on the stock, while the rest have your doubts. Don from Texas shared one analyst’s take that Tesla’s stock is “going to $100 a share.”

We’ll see what the future holds for this electric vehicle leader!

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