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Ian King

Ian KingIan KingEditor of Automatic Fortunes and Crypto Profit Trader

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Ian King is a former hedge fund manager with over two decades of experience trading and analyzing the financial markets.

His market insights have been featured on Fox Business News, Investopedia, Zero Hedge and Seeking Alpha.

At 21, King started in the mortgage bond trading department at Salomon Brothers. He then spent time honing his skills in trading at Citigroup before spending a decade at New York-based hedge fund Peahi Capital.

While there, his team made a 339% total return in 2008 alone. He is also known as one of Investopedia’s top resourceful contributors.

In 2017, he came to Banyan Hill Publishing to help our readers get ahead of the markets. He currently has two services: Automatic Fortunes and Crypto Profit Trader.

Ian’s newsletter, Automatic Fortunes, identifies trends or massive developments that are set to trigger a technological revolution. Each month, he searches for those needle-in-the-haystack stock plays that can deliver windfall profits in one swoop. Using his exclusive four-step strategy system, Ian then alerts readers to the perfect time to buy.

Crypto Profit Trader is an investment advisory that pinpoints winning crypto trends with a unique, three-part trading strategy. In addition to his crypto service, he developed the first crypto investing multimedia product of its kind for Investopedia Academy.

He is also a weekly contributor to Banyan Hill’s Sovereign Investor Daily — keeping readers apprised of the latest tech trends and investment opportunities.

Ian King's Articles

ICO: Initial Coin Offerings Could Be The Digital Gold Rush for Cryptocurrencies March 15, 2018 Currency - Last year was a digital gold rush for ICOs, as crypto offerings raised over $3.8 billion, doubling the amount of venture capital raised by traditional internet companies.
Any casual observer would think an bitcoin investor is raking it in! All she had to do was buy some bitcoin at any point last year, hold on to it and cash out. But here's what actually happened... Here’s Why One Bitcoin Investor Lost on Every Trade March 1, 2018 Currency - As bitcoin dropped by 50% late Tuesday afternoon, my friend made the same big mistake he keeps making … and he hasn’t learned from it yet.
Crypto Marketplace Apps like Robinhood and Square Give Crypto Marketplace Room to Grow February 22, 2018 Currency - There is no investment on the planet hotter than cryptocurrencies right now. And crypto products should continue to improve and draw in more users.
The speculation that investors can get in on the ground floor of the “next big thing” in cryptocurrency is leading to price rises that markets have never witnessed in history. This is unleashing a new type of startup unicorn: the cryptocorn. Cryptocurrency Startup Companies Coined “Cryptocorns” January 11, 2018 Currency - Bitcoin may be the largest and most discussed cryptocurrency. However, it’s only the first application of blockchain technology.

Ian’s Advisory Services

  • Automatic Fortunes

    With this research service, you have access to Ian’s exclusive strategy for finding “tipping-point trends”: massive developments that are set to trigger a revolution. The system identifies companies that will soar from trends like 5G, blockchain, autonomous vehicles, quantum computing and more.

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  • Crypto Profit Trader

    Cryptocurrency is a brand-new asset class that’s captivated Wall Street, businesses and governments alike, with the likes of bitcoin rallying as high as 1,400%. In Crypto Profit Trader, Ian King will reveal how to enter this burgeoning market with ease, as well as teach you important techniques to safely store and secure your digital coins. To learn more and start receiving crypto trade recommendations that are set to soar, subscribe now to Crypto Profit Trader.

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