Can you actually make money in a recession? If so, what kind of stocks could possibly make the list for recession-proof investing in 2022?

In this video, Amber and I reveal the research behind a tech trend that’s over 10 years in the making. In fact, most of us have been using them since Blockbuster busted in 2010, launching the battle that now exists between cable TV and on-demand streaming services.

How the Pandemic Made the Case for Streaming

The global pandemic of COVID-19 irrevocably changed many things in 2020. You could even argue that it changed everything.

But there’s no question that it revolutionized how we entertain ourselves:

  • Social platforms like TikTok blew up for being too dang scrollable.
  • App games like Among Us taught us who the best liars were in our families and friend groups.
  • And delivery apps (Doordash, GrubHub, Uber Eats, Instacart) made it all too easy to never leave your house for dinner again.

And movie theaters took a nosedive along with box office sales.

Streaming and “on-demand” has been around for over a decade now, but the stay-at-home orders just reinforced the importance of having any show or movie at your fingertips.

It’s gotten to the point where legacy TV channels like NBC and Paramount have come out with their own streaming platforms. Or they’ve partnered with the “Bigs,” like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max and Disney+.

With ads or no ads, bundled or individual subscriptions, research shows that people are actually upping their streaming budgets — despite the subscriptions getting even more expensive.

Netflix, for example, has raised the price of its streaming packages almost every year since 2018.

history of netflix price increase

(Found on The Verge.)


So today on Monday Market Insights, Amber and I are covering this week’s biggest market news.

But of course, we’re also talking about streaming services — a mega trend that could be great for recession-proof investing in 2022.

The highlights:

  • How this Friday’s jobs report could signal an economic slowdown.
  • Why missed mega-cap stock earnings are good news for small-cap stocks.
  • Robinhood (investing platform) went from zero to hero in the past five years, making it an interesting investment opportunity.
  • What exactly makes streaming services like Netflix, Disney+ and Hulu “recession-proof.” 

Start watching this week’s episode of Monday Morning Insights:

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Stay tuned:

Tomorrow: Amber shares three incredible biotech breakthroughs for 2023.

Wednesday: I’m following up on the Ethereum Merge: What were the top effects of the Merge, and what can we expect in future upgrades on ETH 2.0?


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