Look at this chart…

It shows the percentage of U.S. adults who’ve not yet received a vaccine but who would be keen to get one as soon as they possibly could.

That number has fallen.

The percentage of those who say they don’t want the vaccine at all has risen substantially.

growing covid vaccine concern poll

That tells me that we’re getting to a situation where it’s not the supply of the vaccine that’s going to be the issue. It’s whether or not people are willing to take it.

And that could have serious implications for certain stocks.

For one thing, enthusiasm for the reopening trade has faded.

This got me thinking about you…

Will You Be Vaccinated Against COVID-19?

Or have you been vaccinated already?

Are you undecided?

Or will you refuse vaccination?

Let us know by completing today’s 15-second poll … and see what your fellow readers are doing — and how they feel — about this topic.



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