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3 Ways to Avoid the No. 1 Investment Mistake

3 Ways to Avoid the No. 1 Investment Mistake

Starting in late 2018, Apple shares dropped 33% in three months.

Short-sighted investors panicked and sold.

The smart ones hung on.

As of today, they’re up 258% since it hit that bottom.

That just goes to show how critical it is that you never let short-term price action dictate your long-term investment strategy.

In today’s video, I share my personal experience with selling too early to help you learn the lesson without all the pain.

Of course, sometimes you must sell, and I also give some tips so you can recognize when it really is time to pull the plug.

How to Deal With the “Emotional Terror” of a Declining Stock

There’s only one thing worse than watching a stock turn against you. That’s selling at the wrong time. Find out how to avoid this mistake in today’s video. You’ll also discover:

  • The times I made that very mistake myself and how I always regretted it.
  • The most dangerous thing to protect your portfolio against.
  • How to limit your exposure to huge price drops.
  • Three steps to take to keep calm and give the stocks you own time to recover, which they almost always do.
  • And more.

Click here to watch this week’s video or click the image below:

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The bottom line is: Stay tough, stay smart. It’s how the big-time investors such as Warrant Buffett enjoy such success. It’s how you will, too.

Kind regards,

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Ted Bauman

Editor, The Bauman Letter

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“Paul, your investment research has been a godsend. Our portfolio was just a tad over two million dollars. I paid my daughter's legal fees, my wife's medical expenses, helped my wife's stepmother with home repairs, loaned our son money for real estate. I also bought two used vehicles, one for our daughter and one for our eldest grandson. All told, these expenses added up to well over a quarter million dollars. I am happy to report that we have profits left over!”

- Taylor M.

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