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Ian King
True Momentum


Curious what True Momentum subscribers have to say about the service?

Read real customer reviews for Paul Mampilly’s True Momentum here!


“Don’t know where to start or how to thank you enough! I am a lifetime member of True Momentum, Profits Unlimited, and Extreme Fortunes for slightly over two years. Last week I passed the cap of US $ 3 million in profits hence these words of appreciation to you and your team. Such a blessing!  THANK YOU!” – Paul D. 


“Just to let you know I have been with “Profits Unlimited” and “True Momentum” since the beginning and still own my initial purchase of 1000 shares of STM. Just to let you know I am TOTALLY satisfied with your suggested stocks. I just do not understand the complainers. We adhere to “the rules of the game” and presently own 42 positions. You guys must do a ton or research.” – Amber N. 


“I subscribe to True momentum, Profits Unlimited, Automatic Fortunes, $10 Million Portfolio, and Total Wealth. So far this year I am at 59% profit. Again  thank you. So much. I believe in you.” – Glen W.


“After reading in your latest update that some people didn’t make much of anything on your FSLY recommendation, I just had to write in.   When you recommended this stock, I purchased a March 21 $80 Call Option and when you said to sell (just 45 days later), I closed it out for a 101% gain! 😊 No complaints here … keep up the great work!” – Cal F. 


“I sold AEO the day before you recommended it! Made a nice pot of money…thank you.  Your stock picks have been awesome this year.  Enphase, Solar Edge, Etsy, Materialise, Natera, Novocure have all been BIG winners for me. Paying for a nice holiday in the Greek Islands next summer.” – Paul C.


“I have been this service for over two years and is one of the best investments I have ever made.
Paul and his team are honest and really know the markets. I am now a member for life.” – Mark S.


Paul Mampilly…..One of a Kind…..Just phenomenal results. In a financial advisory landscape that is mostly made up of quick buck artists who earn a living off of people’s subscription dollars rather than picking winners, Paul and his team stand far out in front of the crowd. Their research, analysis, and most importantly results appear to be second to none….see for yourself.” – Michael L.


“I recently retired in Nov.1st. Being brand new to investing on my own I wasn’t sure how to get started. It took some time getting brokerage accounts set up and funded,transfers from work and all. About a year ago I signed up for Profits Unlimited but never found the time to use it . WHAT A HUGE MISTAKE!!! Well now I have 40 positions in 4 different portfolios of Paul’s Inner Circle. That’s right I signed up for everything. I still have a few more positions to get but am not sure whether to buy into the ones with big gains already. Anyway, Paul just makes a lot of sense. I Have complete trust and confidence in him and his partners. The podcasts are GREAT! They give me 5 star confidence. Thank You Paul.” – John K.


***Names have been concealed for subscriber privacy, but all reviews and testimonials are 100% unchanged and from real subscribers.

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