Ian KingIan KingEditor of Strategic Fortunes, Next Wave Crypto Fortunes, True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes.

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Ian King is a former hedge fund manager with over two decades of experience in trading and analyzing the financial markets.

His market insights have been featured on Fox Business News, Investopedia and Seeking Alpha.

At 21, Ian started in the mortgage bond trading department at Salomon Brothers.

He then honed his skills in trading at Citigroup before spending a decade at New York-based hedge fund, Peahi Capital.

There his team made a 339% total return in 2008 alone. He is also known as one of Investopedia’s top resourceful contributors.

In 2017, he came to Banyan Hill Publishing to help our readers get ahead of the markets. He currently offers four services and a free newsletter educating readers on the stock and crypto markets.

Ian’s services are all dedicated to a niche market in the tech sector — each with a unique and winning strategy to make smart, thoroughly researched investments.

Ian King’s Services

Strategic Fortunes:

Ian uses his exclusive four-step system for finding “tipping-point trends” — or massive developments that are set to trigger a technological revolution.

These are in large-cap tech stocks that are overlooked by Main Street and Wall Street alike. But with Ian’s proven four-step strategy, he finds those “needle in the haystack” stock plays that can deliver windfall profits in one swoop.

In this service, Ian is accompanied by Amber Lancaster, director of investment research. Together, they’re able to give you even deeper insights on the economy and the financial markets.

Strategic Fortunes subscription includes:

  • A focus on large-cap tech stocks and select cryptocurrencies.
  • A monthly newsletter that explores a specific tipping-point trend — and a new stock position Ian recommends investing in.
  • Up to 12 stock recommendations every year.

Next Wave Crypto Fortunes:

Ian helps you navigate the wondrous, and at times capricious, world of cryptocurrency. He pinpoints winning crypto trends with a unique three-part trading strategy. Along with his crypto service, Ian developed the first crypto-investing multimedia product of its kind for Investopedia Academy.

Next Wave Crypto Fortunes subscription includes:

  • A guide on all things crypto: how to invest, what to invest, where to buy your tokens.
  • Tutorials on investing, staking, upgrading and storing cryptos.
  • Weekly deep dives into the crypto market at large.

True Momentum:

With True Momentum, it’s all about timing. You can’t capture stocks experiencing momentum without buying in at the right time, after all. In this service, Ian focuses on mid-cap stocks with market caps of $3 billion to $10 billion that are set to disrupt the tech sector in a big way.

His True Momentum strategy pinpoints transformative new tech stocks with the potential to 8X your money in the next one to three years.

True Momentum subscription includes:

  • A focus on mid-cap stocks ($3 billion to $10 billion market caps).
  • Weekly updates on the most disruptive tech innovations.
  • Like all of Ian’s services, trade alerts on when to buy into (or sell) these positions.

Extreme Fortunes:

With this service, we’re looking for companies that are small, but mighty. Ian focuses on small-cap stocks in the $100 million to $3 billion market cap range — with massive potential.

Using a four-phase strategy, he’s able to find companies that are in growing total addressable markets (TAMs). This gives you the best opportunities for huge windfall profits.

An Extreme Fortunes subscription includes:

  • A focus on small-cap stocks ($100 million to $3 billion market caps).
  • Opportunities to invest in solid companies poised to soar by more than 500%.
  • Weekly stock news, trade alerts, special reports and more.

Banyan Edge:

Ian is also a weekly contributor to Banyan Edge — Banyan Hill’s free newsletter. Ian aims to keep readers updated on the hottest tech trends and investment opportunities.

You can subscribe to our newsletter right here today.

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Ian’s Advisory Services

  • Strategic Fortunes

    With this research service, you have access to Ian’s exclusive strategy for finding “tipping-point trends”: massive developments that are set to trigger a revolution. The system identifies companies that will soar from trends like 5G, blockchain, autonomous vehicles, quantum computing and more.

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