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Lately, my wife and I have been shopping for a new computer. The desktop we have now still works just fine, but we need another. I’m getting tired of finding congealed little drips of ketchup, Popsicles and other edible detritus on the keyboard — all left behind by that most primitive of sapiens: our 8-year-old son.

So as I do my comparison shopping, I see that Microsoft has decided to bring back the “classic” version of its Start Menu home screen, for its new Windows 10 operating system. (By the way, Ted Bauman will have plenty to say about Windows 10 next week when he shows you how to defeat its privacy-invading data collection).

But what’s Microsoft’s “home screen” decision got to do with us? Well, it says a lot about our ingrained need to find order, to find a safe “home” where we can get our bearings again, and perceive structure amid chaos.

Let’s face it, these days we find a lot of chaos around us. All it takes is to wake up, and see that the S&P 500 futures are down 2 or 3% before the market even opens. The natural response is: “Why?”

If you read the mainstream media, the answer varies with the day of the week.

But if you read The Sovereign Society, you don’t even need to ask the question.

You see, The Sovereign Society has its own annual “start menu,” if you will…

It’s the “home screen” we return to, year after year — just like when we get confused with too many icons and browser tabs on our computers — so we can get the perspective and advice we need.

I’m talking about the Total Wealth Symposium that The Sovereign Society holds each year. Date-wise, the 14th event is right around the corner, October 14 through 17, in Nassau, Bahamas, at the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort.

Your Wealth Is Under Attack

To give you an example, Jeff Opdyke gave a talk at last year’s event entitled “The Path to Confiscation — How to Protect Your Wealth While You Still Can.”  In it he laid out the framework for the problems now coming home to roost in the market:

  • Interest rate cuts don’t result in sustained economic growth.
  • Economies are warped by the total reliance on debt.

And as Jeff correctly predicted, all that monetary manipulation “has yet to stoke the inflation” that central bankers claim they need. And here we are nearly a year later, and the Fed and its cadres in Europe, Japan and China are out of ammunition. Worse yet, the rest of the globe’s investors are finally beginning to realize it too. Hence, the huge volatility we’ve seen in the oil market, stocks, gold and other commodities.

Jeff also talked back then about the growing pressures, via the International Monetary Fund and governments’ own profligate spending, to pursue a form of wealth confiscation. And lo and behold, pressures continue to ramp higher on that front too.

In an August 23 editorial, no less than The Financial Times called for “a world without cash” — that’s right, an outright ban on cash — because cash “cannot be tracked” and therefore “limits central banks’ ability to stimulate a depressed economy.”

Well, before you can confiscate someone’s wealth, what’s the first step? You have to know what kind of wealth that person has first. Banning cash makes that job a lot easier. Only a few years ago, such a call would have been ludicrous. Not now. And the FT’s editorial puts a mainstream Establishment stamp on the whole matter.

Learn How to Protect Your Wealth

So what’s next?

That’s why I’m headed to the upcoming Total Wealth Symposium myself, and why you should join me.  It’s another chance to get some perspective from Jeff, Ted and our other Sovereign Society experts so you know what to expect, learn how to protect your wealth and how to profit as you round out this year and head into what promises to be a tumultuous 2016.

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JL Yastine
Editorial Director, The Sovereign Society

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