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Wealth Protection

Pandora Papers Bombshell: One U.S. State Hides Billions

The news has been awash with details from the “Pandora Papers,” leaked secrets of the world’s super-rich. But one revelation wasn’t news to me. After all, I’ve published books about asset protection. That tidbit? That the biggest tax haven in the world is the United States! In today’s video, I reveal how unassuming South Dakota became the world’s leading place to hide wealth … fairly earned or not.

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Stocks Soar on Fed Announcement … but Now What?

Fed Chairman Powell gave the market exactly what it wanted. Interest rates barely budged. There’s no immediate talk of tapering. And everything shot up in response — growth, energy, cyclicals. But does that mean it’s time to pile into stocks again? Well, yes and no. As you’ll see in today’s Your Money Matters, Clint tells you which types of stocks you should be loading up on and which you should avoid. Plus, find out which part of the Fed announcement surprised him most. And more.

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“Safe” Investments Are Quietly Killing Your Wealth

It’s a tough market for investors who like to play it safe. In these volatile markets, many are turning to Treasury bonds or other fixed income. Big mistake! I’ll show you 10 different charts to show you how and why these “safe” investments are actually eating away at your wealth. But of course, I’ll also give you a real alternative that can help you avoid most of the risk but that can deliver actual gains.

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