It’s getting out of hand.

Some fashion industry observers say the global fashion system will collapse this year…

Tourism has dropped — some retail analysts think that Manhattan’s major areas will never be the same…

Uber’s legal and financial woes have led to doomsday stories for the gig economy…

In a mad rush to get ahead, some commentators are making wild predictions about the post-pandemic world.

But here at Winning Investor Daily, we don’t pretend we have a crystal ball. And we rarely bother with “expert” predictions. They’re more or less just worth the paper they’re printed on.

We focus on numbers instead. And the numbers are telling a story all their own.

According to a LinkedIn survey, nearly 70% of workers are back in their offices. And around 40% of people say their offices never closed.

Happily, the majority said that they were satisfied with the measures their employers took to keep workers safe.

For fast-casual places like Shake Shack and Chipotle, the biggest market is office workers’ lunch breaks.

One chain said that its West Coast locations are doing as much business today as they were last year. Another said that its suburban drive-thru locations have been a boon to some of its operation.

But businesses in the Northeast are lagging behind the rest of the country (particularly New York). The area was hit hard by the virus. It’s been slow to reopen.

Those restaurants say the Northeast is their worst region right now. In New York, there are fewer opportunities for drive-thrus, safe food pickups and no room for outdoor dining.

The numbers are telling us that as workers get back into offices, local economies should keep improving. But large metro areas will keep feeling the pandemic for months to come.

Charles Mizrahi and Chad Shoop have continued to bring you their best advice throughout this time.

Their goal isn’t to pretend they know everything. It’s to give you the advice you need to become a winning investor.

Today, that means showing you how good leadership in a crisis can make all the difference.

  • This week, the Winning Investor Daily team demonstrated that with legendary Pilot Chesley Sullenberger — Sully — and his landing on the Hudson River. When there’s a crisis, you want someone with experience to guide you through. You don’t want a kid fresh out of flight school. In business, the person at the helm is the CEO.
  • As far as our readers are concerned, one person at the helm is Charles Mizrahi. With nearly 40 years of experience as a Wall Street investor, he knows firsthand how to guide his subscribers through volatile times. In this week’s update, he reminds you what one sector means to the rest of the economy.
  • And in her first issue for Winning Investor Daily, Lina Lee breaks down why Einstein truly was a genius — and it may not be the reason you think. She also shows how you can double your money on stocks — using one of her favorite strategies in the market.

Finally, this week, Chad Shoop hammered home another reason the person guiding you matters.

He tells the story of a white water rafting trip with his family.

Their guide was supposed to help them stay safe, but failed.

How to Navigate the Market’s Danger Zones

It started out as a great trip rafting in the Gauley River in West Virginia. But it turned into a nightmare.

Chad’s boat got stuck in between two rocks. Everyone in the boat was pinned. And the guide — who should have known better — stepped on the boat to get to a neighboring rock. The entire boat flipped and everyone in it was suddenly in a much worse situation.

Chad says he always remembers that trip — and what not to do.

When you’re in a turbulent river, you want someone to help you. You don’t want someone who’s going to flip your boat.

That’s why whenever the market is in turbulence, he remembers who he’s working for: you. He makes sure to not let his readers down.

He showed readers that there are danger zones in the market today.

And there are ways to make sure that these danger zones don’t hurt your portfolio.

Chad is an expert in strategies like this. See, sometimes the best way to make it through a volatile market is to buy or sell stocks. Sometimes, the best strategy is options. Sometimes your No. 1 winner will be an exchange-traded fund. Chad is a Chartered Market Technician, which means he’s an expert in all these strategies.

He’s not limited to one type of trade.

If buying into a stock is going to flip your boat, he won’t do it. But he knows another way to make money from something he sees in the market.

Chad isn’t afraid to tell his subscribers about the best ways to profit — even if they’re unconventional.

Right now he has his eyes on inverse funds. The dangers he sees in the market tell him that it’s time for short-term trades on certain sectors.

Inverse funds are as easy to buy as a stock. But as powerful for returns as an option.

And Chad knows that these funds are the No. 1 way to take advantage right now.

He is guiding his readers to these gains in his Automatic Profits Alert service.

If you’re interested in a new way to make money in the market, I highly suggest you check it out.

Chad is a guide who focuses on numbers, not hype. And his Automatic Profits Alert service embodies that.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Annie Stevenson

Managing Editor, Winning Investor Daily