Buy and hold is a tried-and-true strategy…

But these days, it’s not enough. You need more than a passive investment strategy to thrive — and even just survive — in today’s stock market. That’s because we are in uncharted territory…

Now more than ever, sentiment and news headlines are driving volatility, not the business prospects of individual companies.

In that kind of environment, you need to be flexible.

In today’s video, I show you the charts that prove that markets change over time … and so should your investing strategy, if you want to come out ahead.

Don’t Learn This Lesson the Hard Way

Just take a quick look back at the last two decades. The stock market has changed dramatically, as I illustrate today. The only thing you can count on is that it will change again, and soon.

Today I’ll explain the investment strategy that can make you gains in 2020 and prepare you for the years ahead.

This week, you’ll see:

  • This week, you’ll see: · You may be surprised at just how brief the Nasdaq’s outperformance has been over the last 20 years … even more surprising are the two stock indexes that made the most gains for much of that time. (0:562:04) ·
  • We’ve seen massive sell-offs in gold, Treasuries and other assets … find out which three stock market sectors investors are buying that money. (5:447:52) ·
  • Not everyone can wait 20 years to make gains with a passive strategy. Here’s how you can adapt to a changing market and profit now. (2:045:44) · And more.

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