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Chad Shoop, CMT

Chad ShoopChad Shoop, CMTEditor of Pure Income and Automatic Profits Alert

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Chad is our in-house income and investment research expert. He earned two bachelor’s degrees from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in finance and economics. In addition to these achievements, he is a Chartered Market Technician (CMT). Fewer than 5,000 people around the world have earned this designation.

Those with CMT designation read and build statistical models that make up a valid trading strategy. Chad developed three trading systems that readers of Banyan Hill have used to grow their wealth.

Chad joined Banyan Hill in 2012. He ran our top-performing service in 2016, Pure Income. In Pure Income, Chad finds the best opportunities to generate steady monthly income.

When Chad explained his Pure Income system to our natural resources expert, Matt Badiali, Matt coined these lightning-fast trades “1-Minute Windfalls.” He told Chad: “Frankly, I’ve never seen anything so consistent, so lucrative and so easy….”

Matt believed in this system — and in Chad, whom he called “the most successful trader we have here at Banyan Hill.” In fact, Matt filmed a video that he sent to his readers urging them to sign up for the service. He told them: “I know these 1-Minute Windfalls will transform your life forever.”

And Matt was right. Chad’s readers have realized a profound win rate.

Chad also developed a stock-trading service, Automatic Profits Alert. It’s designed to take advantage of seasonal patterns in the markets. He cross-examined over a decade of historical performance. Then he back tested 20,800 hours of real market data. Chad adapted his strategy from a calendar Wall Street insiders have used to predict every boom and bust in the market for over a century. He used this calendar to create one of his own, the Automatic Profits Calendar. The calendar shows when to buy and sell stocks based on their sectors’ seasonal trends. Chad walks readers through every step on a weekly basis.

Chad’s Quick Hit Profits takes advantage of a stock’s surge after a company’s earnings announcement. Chad’s system has a “profit trigger” that alerts him to the best time to trade following a company’s earnings announcement.

Chad also contributes to our daily newsletter, Winning Investor Daily. He shares his market insights every week. You can read more about Chad’s services below and follow the links to sign up for Chad’s newsletters.

Chad Shoop's Articles

Tesla: To Infinity and Beyond? - (5-minute read) This weekend saw a historic rocket launch — the first time American astronauts have been launched from American soil in nine years. Elon Musk’s SpaceX is ushering in the future, and Chad Shoop expects his other companies to benefit.
Bonus Options Trade — One Trade to Make in a Rising Market - (6-minute read) The stock market is up. Now is the time to hedge against a downward move … not when the move actually arrives. Chad Shoop will show you how.
One Stock to Own This Summer - (4-minute read) “Sell in May and go away” may not be the right advice this year. But even if it is, Chad Shoop has a recommendation to trade it.
How to Trade With a 100% Win Rate, Even in a Pandemic - (4-minute read) Chad Shoop is still aiming for a 100% win-rate — even amid this pandemic. How? He'll show you his winning strategy.
Buffett’s Sell-Off: Bet Against This Plane Maker Now - (5-minute read): We're taught to "buy when there's blood in the streets," but that's not what's happening right now. We believe that Boeing will continue to fall, and we'll show you why. Then, we’ll show you how to profit with options.
Don’t Gamble on Stocks — Trade Earnings Instead - (4-minute read) As first-quarter earnings come in, many investors are hoping these results will prop up the next stock rebound. Whether stocks rise or plunge, Chad Shoop uses one options-trading strategy to capture gains from positive earnings announcements.
Bank it or Tank it Video Game Retail Gamestop Avoid This Video Game Retail Giant in 2020 - One video game retail giant has seen its shares fall further in 2020 — GameStop. With the economic shutdown eating into this brick-and-mortar stock’s profits, Chad will explain why you should count on GameStop hitting even lower lows this year.
bonus Options Trade Bonus Options Trade: Play Garmin’s Rebound for Huge Profits - (3-minute read) In our latest Bonus Options Trade, we’re breaking the trend of bearish trades with Garmin stock. The navigation giant’s stock is eyeing a break out over the next few months. We’ll give you the details on how to profit from this rising stock.
Stocks Are Trading at Incredible Discounts — Do This Now! - (4-minute read) Robinhood recently put out a list of the most popular stocks to trade now. Each one is a beaten-down stock with the potential to rally — or fall even further. But you can benefit from the downside by using one strategy for steady income.
Buy and Hold is Dead — Here’s a Better Way - Traditional buy-and-hold strategies are dead. Investors are seeing their portfolios wiped out. But there is an easy strategy to beat the market and even profit during a crisis like we’re seeing now. Chad Shoop reveals how he’s been stacking profits to make triple-digit gains.

Chad’s Advisory Services

  • Earnings Drift Alert

    Chad Shoop has developed an incredible new strategy that takes the guesswork out of knowing if, and when, sudden stock moves are going to take place after an earnings report. In fact, you can use this market-beating technique to turn every $1,000 into $2,000 … or $10,000 into $20,000 … every 12 weeks.

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  • Automatic Profits Alert

    Powered by a secret calendar passed among investment titans over the past century … Automatic Profits Alert delivers market-crushing returns up to 171 times higher than the stock market, and it guarantees you’ll avoid those devastating market selloffs.

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  • Pure Income

    In this era of low interest rates, it’s nearly impossible to find investments that pay a reliable income. Yet our top market technician has discovered a way to help you make anywhere from $150 to $3,000 in as little as 60 seconds — without buying any stocks.

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