The chip shortage is getting ridiculous.

I know firsthand. As I started shopping for a new family car — something with seating for six, safe, reliable, great mileage, preferably a hybrid — every salesperson said the same thing.

“You’re more than welcome to order now. But your car won’t be delivered for three to six months.”

This is silly, I thought. How many chips does a car really need?

As it turns out, a heck of a lot.

Nowadays, the average gas-powered car comes with about 1,000 semiconductors.

If I managed to talk my partner into an electric vehicle (EV)? Forget it. Those require 2,000 chips.

Not to mention EVs that are partially self-driving. They need 3,000 semiconductors!

You can see where I’m going with this.

The demand for semiconductors is only going to get higher from here, especially as the gas-guzzler goes extinct.

Remember learning in history class about how the Ford Model T replaced the horse and buggy?

That’s happening again.

You see, electric vehicles are the next stage of mobility.

And it’s already underway.

President Joe Biden put out a mandate last August calling for 50% of cars sold in the U.S. to be electric by 2030.

And Ian King sees as much as 1,400% growth happening in the EV market by 2030.

Ian King sees as much as 1,400% growth happening in the EV market by 2030.

That’s why he’s recommending a new semiconductor company in the March issue of Strategic Fortunes.

It’s perfectly positioned to take advantage of the tipping point in automotive chips.

As a result, Ian expects its stock price to triple within the next two years.

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