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If you had one shot … one earnings season.

Would you take it? To trade everything you ever wanted?

In one moment … would you capture it? Or just let gains slip?

Your palms are sweaty. Portfolio’s weak. Arms are heavy. There’s an options order executed already…

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Are we doing this whole song or what? I’ve got a midmorning nap to get back to.

…the Fed’s spaghetti. Wow, way to kill the fun, pal. I’ll admit, I lost myself in the music (the moment). But this earnings season? You own it — well, you and Chad Shoop, that is.

If you don’t know Chad, he’s one of the reigning market experts over at True Options Masters.

On the surface, he looks calm and ready to drop trades, but underneath his stoic façade … yeah, he’s still calm and ready to drop trades. (Dang, Chad, you scary.)

So don’t keep on forgetting: I already told you about Chad’s earnings trading shebang yesterday!

Before you lose yourself (or your shirt) this earnings season, check out why Chad believes investors fret over earnings trades in the first place.

It’s called “gambling.” Lots. Of. Gambling:

The way most people trade earnings reports is really just gambling. But [my] strategy does it differently. Instead of taking a bet on direction before the earnings report — essentially taking a coin flip — you wait for the dust to clear. And this is where we found a special trading signal, which only appears after these earnings reports, that has led to outsized gains…

But, if there’s one thing I want to get across today, it’s that you don’t need to gamble on earnings for big, short-term winners.

“But I don’t know how to make trades like that, I don’t know what options to use!” You might be thinking. Well, Chad’s gonna learn ya — and learn ya good.

According to a decade of trading history, Chad has learned the secret to juicing these stocks for 100%, 200%, and even higher gains in as little as three days.

And this strategy has bested the S&P 500 3-to-1 and delivered 53 triple-digit returns in the last five years. You only get one shot; do not miss your chance to know…

Click here to find out more!

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