One of the great things about investing is that you never have to kick yourself about the big one that got away.

There are always plenty more opportunities to take advantage of. In fact, sometimes waiting can prove to be more profitable in the long run.

That’s why investing is Charles’ favorite hobby.

And Charles shared some great insights about his favorite hobby this week — including how his 96-year-young Aunt Molly beat 85% of U.S. large-cap stock-picking mutual funds…

The good news is, you can use her secret to turn the tables on Wall Street, too. Catch up below to find out what it is…

Fishing for stocks Catching the Big Fish in the Markets?
Most investors aren’t that smart or lucky to get in at the very beginning on companies like Amazon, Apple or Google. But the thing is, you don’t need to! There’s a way to still make huge gains even if you miss the big fish at the start.
s&p 500 stock downtrends A Dozen Years of Coming Up Short
Unlike Wall Street, Charles isn’t afraid to “look stupid” in the short term. It may take some time, but Charles knows that the secret to helping you make money is this

A Man of Many Talents…

Charles and I often talk for hours each week about his upcoming opportunities and project for everyday investors like you.

And working behind the scenes with him means I get to see a lot of his other hobbies — outside of investing — in action.

One of them is painting landscapes.

In fact, this week, I had lunch with him while he’s in town. While we were catching up, I let him know I was moving soon. And Charles painted me a beautiful housewarming gift…

Charles Mizrahi Painting

I love it, and I’m proud to be an owner of an original Mizrahi!

What do you think of Charles’ many talents? Whether it’s about his investing expertise or his artistic creativity, write in at and let us know.

ICYMI: 1 Tech That’s Disrupting the Health Care Market

Our population is aging. Fewer people are staying active.

That’s creating a growing health care industry that’s ripe for innovative disruption.

For example, the number of total knee replacement surgeries is more than 1 billion a year. And that number is expected to grow 6% to 7% every year for the foreseeable future.

But now, there’s a groundbreaking technology that can help improve the way you walk and help prevent issues.

It’s a musculoskeletal treatment that Charles has actually tried out himself. He’s seen amazing results.

So, he sat down with the CEO of the company behind it to learn more about how its devices are helping people move again.

You can listen to Charles’ interview with Dr. Cliff Bleustein by clicking here … or watch it on YouTube by clicking the image below.

Cliff Bleustein Charles Mizrahi Show


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