I could’ve bought a fish store with all I’d spent…

It was about $500 on fishing gear. And I can’t remember how much it was for charter boats.

But I always seemed to be missing catching the big fish.

In all my years, my total catch was one small fluke — which I had to throw back because it was too small!

Here’s what bothered me the most about fishing: Each time I’d go on a charter boat, the captain would brag about yesterday.

It always seemed like, just a day ago, the fish were jumping. And everyone on board went home a happy camper.

But alas, it was never so when it came to me. So, when it comes to fishing as a hobby, count me out.

Instead, I have a different favorite hobby — one where I never have to worry about the fish that got away…

On Time

When you find a great business, there will always be entry points to buy the stock.

That’s why my favorite hobby is investing.

In fact, I recently took a look back at three terrific businesses: Amazon, Google and Apple.

I don’t know many people who bought them right at their initial public offerings (IPOs).

Most investors weren’t that smart or lucky to get in at the very beginning.

But that’s okay — neither did I.

Because even if you missed investing in their milestones, you still would’ve had outstanding results…

  • Amazon introduced Prime in 2005. If you invested five years later in 2010, you still would’ve made 22X your money.
  • Apple’s first iPhone came out in 2007. If you invested five years later in 2012, you still would’ve made 11X your money.
  • While Google became popular in the early 2000s, it didn’t go public until 2009. Even if you invested five years later … you still would’ve made 11X your money.

See my point?

It’s never too late to invest in a terrific business. Because they continue to compound wealth over long periods of time.

So, you never have to kick yourself about the big one that got away…

Huge Catch

In fact, there are several businesses that I’ve waited years to recommend in Alpha Investor.

Their stock prices were too high. But sitting on my hands and waiting proved profitable…

For example, I waited to recommend Arista Networks on March 23, 2020.

By then, it was already a well-known leader in the cloud networking industry. It was already up more than 194% since its IPO.

Plenty of people might’ve thought it was too late to invest in it.

Not members of Alpha Investor. Since adding Arista to our model portfolio, it’s up 224%.

Arista Stock Portfolio

It’s above our buy-up-to price, so I don’t recommend buying shares today.

But there are plenty of other great opportunities to buy right now.

My latest recommendation is one of them.

It still has a long runway for growth and is trading at a bargain today.

If you’re not a member of Alpha Investor yet, it’s not too late! Find out how you can seize this opportunity right here.

Charles Mizrahi

Charles Mizrahi

Founder, Alpha Investor