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Lina Lee

Lina LeeLina LeeSenior Managing Editor

By joining Banyan Hill Publishing in 2020, Lina Lee has combined her passions for both finance and writing. A world traveler, she earned a statistics degree from UCLA and a communications degree from Florida Atlantic University.

Now, Lina works closely with Charles Mizrahi as senior managing editor for his premium services.

She’s also a regular Real Talk contributor to help Charles on his mission of making investing simple — and profits inevitable — for everyday investors just like you.

Lina's Articles

Stocks continue sliding lower , recession near? Recession Fears? Charles Has Your Back… - (3-minute read) We know holding during downturns isn’t easy. So, these two Wall Street legends cut straight to the chase on what the current market cycle means for your portfolio…
Our Playbook for Making Money During Market Fear Our Playbook for Making Money During Market Fear
May 13, 2022 Investing, Real Talk, Stocks
- (2-minute read) Fear is driving the markets. But that doesn’t mean now’s a good time to sell. In fact, it’s making now one of the best times to buy. Here’s why…
staying calm through market mood swings How We’re Staying Calm Through Mr. Market’s 180
May 6, 2022 Investing, Real Talk, Stocks
- (2-minute read) If you follow Charles’ lead and focus on the fundamentals, there are plenty of opportunities to take advantage of right now — regardless of the market’s mood swings.
Elon Musk buys Twitter Better Than Elon Musk’s $44 Billion Twitter Takeover - (4-minute read) Corporate events often create huge profit opportunities. But rather than investing in the Twitter takeover, Charles recommends this instead…
how to get free stock shares Charles’ Brand-New Video: How to Get “Free” Shares - (2-minute read) You won’t find any free lunches on Wall Street. But with the right market opportunities, you could find “free” shares of stock…
Oil and Gas profit opportunities Oil in the Mailbag and Four-Legged Profit Opportunities - (7-minute read) Regardless of what’s happening in the financial markets, there are always profit opportunities ahead…
New profit opportunities No Soapboxing Here … Just New Profit Opportunities - (5-minute read) Readers say we should stick to the markets and avoid politics. But Washington’s policies can affect the markets. And right now, those policies are creating a new profit opportunity…
Chat with Investment minded guests New Investing Insights From 80 Years of Experience
April 1, 2022 Investing, Real Talk, Stocks
- (3-minute read) As part of our new series, Charles is sitting down with some of the best investing minds to have quick chats about the markets, profit opportunities and more…
Beat Wall street with this secret Charles’ 96-Year-Young Aunt Is Beating Wall Street… You Can, Too - (3-minute read) There are always plenty more opportunities to take advantage of in the markets. In fact, sometimes waiting can prove more profitable in the long run…
tesla price prediction We’re All About Helping You: New Outlooks and Profit Opportunities - (5-minute read) Mastering your emotions is a big part of being able to take advantage of opportunities and make profits…

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