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Lina Lee

Lina LeeLina LeeSenior Managing Editor

By joining Banyan Hill Publishing in 2020, Lina Lee has combined her passions for both finance and writing. A world traveler, she earned a statistics degree from UCLA and a communications degree from Florida Atlantic University.

Now, Lina works closely with Charles Mizrahi as senior managing editor for his premium services.

She’s also a regular Real Talk contributor to help Charles on his mission of making investing simple — and profits inevitable — for everyday investors just like you.

Lina's Articles

bear market is coming to an end, bull market is upon us What This Week’s Bull Market Means for You - (5-minute read) When the markets turn around, you’ll want to be invested in these great opportunities…
One guarantee in the markets What’s Your Biggest Advantage in the Stock Market? - (3-minute read) No one can tell what the next day-to-day swing will be. But there is one thing that’s 100% guaranteed in the market…
how to make money despite soaring inflation and a possible recession Ducks, Recessions and Our Moneymaking Approach for You - (3-minute read) Despite soaring inflation putting the pressure on our wallets, we have your back…
now is the perfect time to buy stocks "on sale" On Sale! The “Buy Now” Sign for Stocks Couldn’t Be Clearer… - (3-minute read) The markets will make new highs again. But in the meantime, now’s the perfect opportunity to buy stocks like you’d buy anything else right now: while they’re on sale…
Stock Market Boom to Bust: Get Ready to Buy Why It’s Actually a Wonderful Time to Invest
July 15, 2022 Economy, Investing, Real Talk, Stocks
- (1-minute read) Contrary to the fearful media headlines, it really isn’t the worst time to invest. In fact, some of the best opportunities are happening now…
the perfect market symbol doesn't exist. Now is the best time to invest Like Santa and the Easter Bunny, This Market Signal Doesn’t Exist
July 8, 2022 Investing, Real Talk, Stocks
- (2-minute read) If you’re waiting for a perfect market and an all-clear signal on when to invest, you may end up waiting forever…
Market back to being all red All Red? No Problem… We’re Rolling With Mr. Market’s Punches
July 1, 2022 Investing, Real Talk, Stocks
- (4-minute read) If you can keep your head when everyone around you is losing theirs, there’s big money to be made…
Market's roller coaster Hanging on for the Market’s Roller-Coaster Ride - (2-minute read) Is this the start of a longer market rebound or is it just more short-lived investor euphoria? The Real Talk is that it doesn’t matter…
Fed rate hikes gave wall street temporary euphoria Short-Lived Market Euphoria and Wall Street Scams - (6-minute read) The markets are back to sliding lower after the brief burst of investor optimism earlier this week. But panic is actually our friend right now. Here’s why…
Inflation and stock prices at a new high Red-Hot Inflation or Not, 2022 Is the Year for These Stocks - (2-minute read) With no end to inflation in sight, investors are on the edges of their seats — and dumping stocks left and right. But you can count on this class of stocks no matter the market environment…

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