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Lina Lee

Lina LeeLina LeeManaging Editor

By joining Banyan Hill Publishing in 2020, Lina Lee has combined her passions for both finance and writing. A world traveler, she earned a statistics degree from UCLA and a communications degree from Florida Atlantic University.

Now, Lina works closely with Charles Mizrahi as managing editor for his premium services.

She also works with the American Investor Today team as a regular contributor to ensure you’re getting Wall Street’s best profit opportunities … made Main Street simple.

Lina's Articles

The End of Movie Theaters? - (3-minute read) Regal Cinemas is shutting down as blockbusters continue getting delayed. Streaming will continue to rise in this environment. Wall Street veteran Charles Mizrahi’s latest recommendation is a profitable streaming giant…
How Will We Know the Winners of the Pandemic? - (3-minute read) How do we know what will stick around and what won’t? Some industries have been doing well in the pandemic — some haven’t.
A Pandemic Game-Changer: Digital-Only Restaurants - (5-minute read) Chipotle doesn’t want you to eat at its new restaurant … and this could be the new normal. We’ve been talking about companies like these for a while, and we expect Chipotle to do well. Here’s how you could get in on the next Chipotle…
2021 Will Be the Year of Mergers and Acquisitions - (4-minute read) Lots of business activity has slowed down during the pandemic. That has given many companies cash to burn. We expect to see this one activity tick up, starting now...
Despite COVID-19, Americans Still Spend Big on Pets - (4-minute read) Lina Lee is adopting a dog this month. And she’s likely not the only one. This industry is here to stay...
America’s Two-Way Recovery Continues: 1 ETF to Buy - (3-minute read) The two-track economy is still moving forward. Businesses that can’t handle COVID-19 continue to shutter while the ones that can cope are rising higher. Don’t worry about the election, your investments will be fine…
1 Stock That Stands Up to the Stormy Market - (3-minute read) There’s volatility around the world today … but we are still finding ways to help our retirements. The “Subscription of Everything” stocks keep growing even in this down market. Read more…
Business Applications Skyrocket — Americans Move to Rebuild - (5-minute read) In March, the world stopped. Millions of people were told to stay in their homes. The economic toll has been devastating. But the recovery has shown us exactly how resilient Americans can be…
3 SaaS Stocks for the Tech Revolution - (2-minute read) This month, I got a bill for almost a hundred dollars. But where on earth did that money go?! The answer got me thinking about a powerful new trend in technology.
An Investment Lesson From the First 2020 Trump-Biden Debate - (2-minute read) The first presidential debate was a mess. Moderator Chris Wallace couldn’t keep control. This is the opposite kind of leadership we look for in Alpha Investor.

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