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AMERICAN INVESTOR TODAY – Vital Stock Movements & Trends

As one of the fastest-growing financial publications in America, American Investor Today is setting the standard for timely insights, easy-to-follow analysis and proven market research you can use whether you’re a novice investor or a seasoned pro.

Combining more than 60 years of experience, the American Investor Today team — including our in-house experts Charles Mizrahi and Chad Shoop — give you cutting-edge insights into investment opportunities and trends you won’t find anywhere else.

Institutional investors and private clients have paid thousands for these insights from Charles and Chad — insights you can start receiving right now through American Investor Today.

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Recent American Investor Today Articles

Ecommerce’s Digital Payments Boom (4-minute read) We’ve been talking about the death of cash and banks for a while. This week, there’s another nail in the coffin: A new way to make purchases without a credit card. And we have the best way for you to profit.
Don’t Bet on Doomed Industries (4-minute read) Newspapers used to be king. Now, the internet has taken over. Anyone betting on physical newspapers got burned. You need to avoid doomed industries…
Get Ahead of the Space Race With 1 ETF to Buy Today (4-minute read) Space exploration could mint the first trillionaire. But it’s still in the early stages. Time to get in.
Small budget investors main street versus wall street You Have 2 Huge Advantages Over Wall Street — Start Using Them! (8-minute video) As an everyday investor, you’ve been conned into thinking that you don’t stand a chance against the big money on Wall Street. But here’s a secret: You hold two huge advantages. Charles Mizrahi reveals the secrets behind beating Wall Street.
The Real Reason Innovation Dies (5-minute read) The hype around drones, bitcoin and ride-hailing can be deafening. These “industry disruptors” could, one day, change the world. But they aren’t changing the world yet. Let us show you why…
The End of Movie Theaters? (3-minute read) Regal Cinemas is shutting down as blockbusters continue getting delayed. Streaming will continue to rise in this environment. Wall Street veteran Charles Mizrahi’s latest recommendation is a profitable streaming giant…
Did You Miss out on TSLA? You Didn’t Need To (4-minute read) Tesla’s stock was on a tear in 2020. But it was also volatile. Those who held on through the ups and downs made a killing. But you didn’t need to go through all that...
The Pandemic Shift to Telemedicine: 2 ETFs to Buy for Profits (5-minute read) The technology isn’t new … but it’s finally going mainstream. Virtual doctor’s visits, telehealth, remote medicine … it all means the same thing. It’s finally time to have house calls on our smartphones. Here are two ETFs that will benefit.
Chaos at the Capitol: Why Investors Like You Should Care (Special message from Charles Mizrahi) There’s a silver lining to the chaos this week. Charles Mizrahi sends a special note to our subscribers. Read more…
This Election Season Will Go Down in History (8-minute read) We don’t write about politics in American Investor Today. We focus on giving Main Street Americans everything they need to master the markets, both in the long and short term. Today, we want to give comfort to our readers.
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