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AMERICAN INVESTOR TODAY – Vital Stock Movements & Trends

As one of the fastest-growing financial publications in America, American Investor Today is setting the standard for timely insights, easy-to-follow analysis and proven market research you can use whether you’re a novice investor or a seasoned pro.

Combining more than 60 years of experience, the American Investor Today team — including our in-house experts Charles Mizrahi and Chad Shoop — give you cutting-edge insights into investment opportunities and trends you won’t find anywhere else.

Institutional investors and private clients have paid north of seven figures annually for the research and insights you’ll start receiving through American Investor Today.

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Recent American Investor Today Articles

Your Options-Trading Questions — Answered (17-minute Q&A) This week we're answering your questions. What is margin? What if you miss a trade? What is a limit order? We have your answers...
The DOJ Can’t Stop Google’s Stock (5-minute read) The DOJ is coming after Google … for a single sector of its business. It may win, it may lose, but the point is that even without this sector, Google still dominates. It’s the kind of thing we’re excited to own…
Business Applications Skyrocket — Americans Move to Rebuild (5-minute read) In March, the world stopped. Millions of people were told to stay in their homes. The economic toll has been devastating. But the recovery has shown us exactly how resilient Americans can be…
Despite COVID-19, These American Companies Will Prosper (3-minute read) America has changed — unemployment is high and the pandemic is still raging. But we believe the economy will endure. Read why…
Don’t Overthink It: Investing in Stocks Is Simple (4-minute read) Sometimes, overthinking can get you into trouble — especially when it comes to investing. But making money in the stock market is actually really simple. You just have to remember one important foundation…
This Is the Greatest Wealth Creator for Any Investor (4-minute read) Helping you achieve your American dream is at the heart of what we do. That’s why my team and I are excited to continue to bring you the best insights and profit opportunities in the market.
Case Study — A 203% Gain on Facebook (3-minute read) Most investors believe you have to get into a stock before a big event to profit. But you can make double- or triple-digit gains using this trading strategy after all the hype. This week, expert Chad Shoop uses a real example from one of his recent trades to show you how.
Master the Market With a True Trading Expert (4-minute read) We always say we’re wary of financial advisors. But what are investors supposed to turn to instead? Especially when they want to trade options?
3 SaaS Stocks for the Tech Revolution (2-minute read) This month, I got a bill for almost a hundred dollars. But where on earth did that money go?! The answer got me thinking about a powerful new trend in technology.
A Personal COVID-19 Story: Invest in the Business of Health Care (5-minute read) Back in March, no one knew how bad the pandemic would get. Since then, the health care industry has solidified as a force to be reckoned with. Nicole Zdzieba, an Alpha Investor editor, has a personal story to share…
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