That’s right, bitcoin (BTC)’s fourth halving came and went last week, on April 19.

What does this mean for the world’s biggest crypto?

Well, it means that the amount of BTC issued for mining a new block has been cut in half. The idea is that this will lead to a surge of demand as new supply decreases.

Bitcoin’s price is down right now. It’s fallen from its high of over $72,300 on April 8, to where it’s currently hovering around the $64,000 mark.

But this is still up from where it fell on April 17, around $60,200.

Our resident crypto expert, Ian King called it.

He will tell you, cryptocurrency is a volatile asset class. And he expected higher volatility around the halving event.

As he told subscribers of his crypto trading service, Next Wave Crypto Fortunes on the day of the halving:

As with any major event in crypto, the trading activity around the event itself can be very volatile and hard to predict.

The crypto market may rise after the halving, or fall as investors decide to take profits following the event.

But the best thing to do in times like this is not to focus too much on the short-term activity, and instead, look at the long-term implications.

In this case, the halving cuts down the number of bitcoins released with each block mined. That lowers the rate of dilution of existing bitcoin and helps BTC better hold its value, by limiting new supply.

Another reason to focus on the long term – looking at past halving cycles, the biggest gains in crypto didn’t come until several months following the halving.

And he’s been saying this for months. In fact, Ian’s research into previous halving events has led him to an amazing discovery…

After each bitcoin halving, stemming back from 2012, 2016 and 2020, bitcoin’s price surged exponentially within a year of each event:

Bitcoin Halving Chart

These would have been incredible gains for bitcoin investors who got in at the right time.

But he also saw that bitcoin wasn’t the only crypto to profit from the halving.

Ian has pinpointed a pattern in the overall crypto market from previous cycles. That pattern showed that the share price of certain cryptos rose right along with bitcoin…

But a handful of coins even beat BTC’s gains.

Ian has figured out how to spot them.

That’s why investing in these coins now, before the halving cycle truly takes off, could result in a six- to seven-figure payday.

If you want to learn more about which three coins Ian recommends, just tune into his free webinar below!

Ian King Bitcoin Halving Webinar

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