It wasn’t much of a surprise…

Stocks erased last week’s gains in a flash on Friday as the S&P 500 Index dropped nearly 3%.

The Federal Reserve could only prop up stock prices for so long. Eventually, reality would hit the market. That reality? Earnings. We’ve been saying so for weeks now.

But investing isn’t about predicting short-term gyrations in the markets. You need to make decisions about which companies to buy for the long term.

In this week’s installment of Your Money Matters, Ted and Clint Lee will tell you which sectors are poised to make big profits, even as the rest of the economy struggles to start back up.

The 5 Ticker Symbols You Need to Know to Make Gains in the Post-Crisis World

The important question for your investments is what comes after this crisis has blown over.

In recent Bauman Daily articles, our experts have identified a few sectors that are poised for tremendous growth. These are groups that can not only outperform as this crisis persists, but also in the brave new world we face in the future.

In today’s video, Ted and Clint give you a specific list of five sectors set to explode … and the easiest way to play them.

You’ll also find out:

  • One sector that has seen a huge surge in demand during the crisis … and why it will actually get a boost as other sectors struggle in the post-crisis future (10:51-12:20).
  • Forty percent of companies want to use more of this type of product in the wake of the pandemic, and the trend will only accelerate from here (12:20-13:36).
  • Just how much these five standout sectors have already outperformed the S&P 500 (2:50-4:58).
  • Plus much more.

To dive deep into what lies ahead for stocks click here, or click the image below:

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