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Angela Jirau

Angela JirauAngela Jirau Publisher The Bauman Letter

Angela Jirau started in the financial publishing world 15 years ago as a writer and researcher. She joined Banyan Hill in 2018. Since then, she’s worked hard to bring Ted Bauman’s unique insights to more than 100,000 readers.

Angela now publishes and writes for Bauman Daily which provides real solutions to help you make real money. She also publishes The Bauman Letter, oversees Profit Switch as well as Flashpoint Fortunes.

Angela Jirau Articles

stock market sinks 3 Stock Picks as Market Breadth Sinks
September 20, 2021 Bauman Daily, Investing, U.S. Economy
- Markets were down sharply this morning as fears of a possible Lehman Brothers 2.0 unfolds in China. Still, the S&P 500 has defied reason this year, as a handful of big, strong companies, such as Amazon and Facebook, keep pulling the market higher. Beneath the surface though, most stocks are in correction territory. This kind of “breadth deterioration” has preceded many significant market declines. So … is it time to get out of stocks? Ted and Clint show you what’s going on behind the curtain and reiterate a classic strategy to help you get ahead. Plus, you’ll see that big names aren’t the only way to play this lopsided market with the three stock picks they reveal at the end of the video.
consumer inflation 3 ETFs to Survive Today’s Consumer Inflation - A supply shortage forced major vehicle producers, such as GM and Ford, to cut back on production and stockpile unfinished vehicles. And it’s not just carmakers ... PPG, Sherwin Williams, Pulte Group and many other companies are feeling the pinch of supply shortages. With such a massive disruption in supply, how can you know for certain if your investments are secure? In today’s Your Money Matters, find out why Ted’s advice on “being selective” is so crucial right now.
happy labor day - challenging investing 3 Important Reminders
September 6, 2021 Bauman Daily, Investing, News
- Happy Labor Day to you. Hopefully you are enjoying some time with friends and family. The markets are closed today and our team is enjoying a much-needed break. So, instead of your regular Your Money Matters video today, let’s revisit three of our most useful videos to help you navigate one of the most challenging investing environments we’ve ever seen.
stocks soar fed announcement Stocks Soar on Fed Announcement … but Now What? - Fed Chairman Powell gave the market exactly what it wanted. Interest rates barely budged. There's no immediate talk of tapering. And everything shot up in response — growth, energy, cyclicals. But does that mean it's time to pile into stocks again? Well, yes and no. As you'll see in today's Your Money Matters, Clint tells you which types of stocks you should be loading up on and which you should avoid. Plus, find out which part of the Fed announcement surprised him most. And more.
fed tapering "what if" survival guide Your “What if” Survival Guide to Fed Tapering - “The harder they come, the harder they fall.” Was Jimmy Cliff singing about the stock market? He might as well have been. And the Federal Reserve tapering may be just the thing that triggers that fall. Since the start of the pandemic, the Fed has spent $4 trillion on assets — catapulting the stock market to new heights. In this edition of Your Money Matters, Ted and Clint explore “what if” the Fed starts winding down its purchases … what you can do to prepare ... and which sectors could provide the best protection.
profit from the robotics boom Profit From the Coming Surge in Robotics and Automation - The delta variant is draining the global economy and destroying consumer confidence. Democrats are struggling to get their infrastructure bill through. And recovery stocks are suffering as a result. But today, we look beyond the bad news and explore the opportunities waiting on the other side.
inflation Q&A YouTube live Let’s Talk Inflation … and Answer Your Questions
August 6, 2021 Bauman Daily, Economy
- On Friday, August 6, 2021, Ted Bauman held a YouTube Live event. The topic? The real story on inflation. Not the bogeyman self-interested parties use to try to influence public policy … but real inflation. He explained how we define it … what causes it … who wins and who loses when it happens … […]
amazon $110 billion loss to market cap Amazon Falls, Robinhood Tanks: Is the Growth Stock Rally Over? - In one day, $110 billion was erased from (Nasdaq: AMZN)’s market cap following a less-than-stellar earnings report. Just before that, Robinhood (Nasdaq: HOOD) had the worst debut ever for an initial public offering (IPO) of its size. So … is the party over for growth stocks? Today, Ted and Clint look at the evidence and tell you what you could expect.
etf plays to combat stock market volatility 2 Quality ETFs to Combat Volatility - This year’s big theme in the stock market? Well, there isn’t one! As soon as you think the market is moving one way, it changes to another. Ted has said many times that external factors, such as COVID-19, the Federal Reserve and politics, drive the market. Fundamentals just don’t seem to count for much lately.
inflation volatility fears Volatility Antidote: 3 Charts to Watch, 2 ETFs to Play - And how to benefit from a volatile situation.

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