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Tag: Quantitative Easing

A Very Mean Reversion

Many people believe stock market prices are usually “correct. ”The Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH) says that, since everybody has access to the same information about a company’s performance, its stock price shouldn’t remain over- or underpriced for long. Try telling that to someone who bought a high momentum stock in late January last year.

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We’ll Pay You to Take Our Money

What if the Federal Reserve tried to give away money … and nobody wanted it?

That’s exactly what’s happening.

Last week, the stock market behaved as it always does in the run-up to a big Fed announcement.

Stocks traded sideways all week. Then on Friday, when Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said the central bank wasn’t going to be changing anything soon, everyone started buying again.

This is a familiar routine. It’s based on the assumption that the Fed has the power to raise or lower interest rates by buying bonds out of the market in exchange for cash injections.

But what if that assumption is wrong?

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