Here at Winning Investor Daily, we’re all-in on the future of 3D printing across several of our services.

We know that 3D-printing stocks’ share prices have been beaten down over the past year. But this is not the time to lose hope in this industry!

As my colleague Ian King shared in our Market Insights video this past Monday:

Big money is not made in bull markets, but in bear markets!” 

You see, it’s all about timing. Buy low and buy slow.

3D printing’s reach and capabilities are just getting started.

In fact, I’m confident that we’re about to see a brand-new era of manufacturing here in the U.S.

From automotive to health care to industrial manufacturing, innovations in 3D printing are industry-changing.

And that means the profit potential is enormous!

Also in today’s Mega Trend Thursday video, I reveal:

🔥 No. 1: Why the global 3D-printing market is expected to double by 2026!

🔥 No. 2: The exact name and ticker symbol of the company I expect to thrive long term as 3D printing goes mainstream.

🔥 No. 3: Another way you can profit from the 3D-printing sector as a whole.

It’s all right here in your Mega Trend Thursday video.

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Amber Lancaster

Amber Lancaster

Director of Investment Research, Strategic Fortunes