Fed Chairman Powell gave the market exactly what it wanted on Friday. Interest rates barely budged. There’s no immediate talk of tapering. And stocks in practically every sector shot up in response — growth, energy, cyclicals.

But does that mean it’s time to pile into stocks again?

Well, yes and no.

As you’ll see in today’s Your Money Matters, Clint tells you which types of stocks you should be loading up on and which to avoid. Plus, find out which part of the Fed announcement surprised him most.

That’s not all…

How Close Was Clint’s Prediction?

On Friday, Clint encouraged Bauman Daily readers to heed his two predictions prior to Powell’s speech. Did he nail it? Well, again, yes and no.

In both of Clint’s scenarios, he expected the 10-year Treasury yield to react with even greater volatility than what we saw on Friday.

That’s good news, for sure. But it doesn’t come without warnings.

Watch today’s installment of Your Money Matters to also discover:

  • How the Jackson Hole speech created more of a relief rally.
  • What Powell’s expectations are for inflation and how this correlates with what Ted has said before.
  • What types of stocks will do best in the aftermath of the Fed’s announcement and how the Bauman Letter’s Endless Income portfolio is already winning.
  • And more.

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Angela Jirau
Publisher, The Bauman Letter