It’s a tough market for investors who like to play it safe.

In these volatile markets, many are turning to Treasury bonds or other fixed income assets.

Big mistake!

In today’s video, I share 10 charts that illustrate how these “safe” investments are eating away at your wealth.

I also offer an alternative that can help you avoid most of the risk … but can deliver market-beating gains.

The Destroyer of Wealth

Safety isn’t safe these days. And it’s not just Treasury bonds.

The average U.S. personal savings account now returns about 0.1% or $100 per $100,000 in annual interest. But you need income of $1,283 per $100,000 just to keep up with inflation.

That’s been the pattern since 2009.

What’s the best alternative to throwing money away right now?

Last year’s growth darlings and special-purpose acquisition companies are far too risky. But right in my own Bauman Letter, a group of stocks has been beating the market all year.

Watch today’s video to learn what can provide you quality gains … and beat the current alternatives.

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