The news has been awash with details from the “Pandora Papers,” leaked secrets of the world’s super-rich.

But one revelation wasn’t news to me. After all, I’ve published books about asset protection.

That tidbit?

That the biggest tax haven in the world is the United States!

In today’s video, I reveal how unassuming South Dakota became the world’s leading place to hide wealth … fairly earned or not.

Protect Your Assets

Asset protection is an important part of any wealth accumulation strategy. One of the best ways to do it is with trusts.

But did you know that South Dakota has become the “trust central” of the world?

And, that trusts you open in that state have no limit on how long they can remain in place?

This can be a blessing for those with money to protect … and a curse for the economy.

I consider all of these details and more in today’s video.

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Ted Bauman
Editor, The Bauman Letter