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W.I.N. Mailbag

(Responses have been lightly edited for clarity and length.)

Here’s what you think about electric vehicles…

I have loved Muscle Cars since I was a kid.

For you, it’s the sound. I admit to loving a good throaty growl, myself…but more oddly…I like the smell of good old Muscle car exhaust! (not that I go around sniffing tailpipes, but when a Muscle car is next to me on the road, I will fall behind just to catch a whiff). I also like the smell of the interior of an older muscle car.

I don’t see a way in the world that an EV will replace the many sensory delights of a bona fide Muscle car.

That being said, I can see myself owning an EV as soon as I can clear out my garage enough to make room for the workers to install the Charging Station, once the battery range on a 30 degree day is around 400 miles and takes less than an hour to recharge fully…assuming I can afford the cost of entry into the platform.

Thanks for the Question. I love what you are doing with Ian and plan to be with you for a while, God willing.Perry

Until they put chargers in the back country, I am sticking with gas. Nowhere, Wyoming is not the place to run out of juice.Lynn

We live in Pinehurst, NC, and have family in Kent, OH, which is southeast of Cleveland. It is a 530 mile trip and I can do it in my 2013 Beamer on a single tank of gas in 8-1/2 hrs. Show me an EV that can do that, and I would consider it when I am ready to replace my car. Our 2nd car is a 2007 Acura TSX that will be the 1st car to be replaced. I golf 225 times each year, so I would most likely decide between an EV or an electric golf cart when that time comes. Mark

And you sounded off on solar:

I think solar power is a good idea but they have not reduced the cost enough for the average homeowner. We looked into it, but the price was prohibitive for us. Many utility companies will credit homeowners for unused power. Unfortunately ours does not. I think the solar companies have some good ideas but need to find ways to reduce costs to make them affordable for the average person. Peggy

Solar and wind energy are here to stay … hopefully. I have always been on board with solar since the 70s. It was a tremendously short-sighted move when Pres. Reagan took Pres. Carter’s solar panels off the White house roof and then the Republicans went on to crush the incentives for the USA to fast-track the further development of solar back then. This set the solar industry back severely. 

The only energy this planet has and will ever receive is from the sun — the most important star in the universe for human life. Even oil is the product of ancient sunlight and tectonic plate shifting. Solar lets us use the sun’s energy in real-time, today, and every day. It just makes sense to put it to use! Brent

Read your article with angst regarding the terrible, unethical actions of greedy power companies to dishonestly influence our elections. I hope that we as individuals, along with big box stores, etc. might actually make a difference regarding utility costs, and the environment. (My husband installed solar power on our home clear back in the ‘80s.)

I’m fascinated to read about the methodology and feasibility of storing solar power in batteries, including in homes. I’m curious how to take advantage of those developing/building solar storage cells.Olivia

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