Amid the skyrocketing COVID-19 infections, jobless claims hit a three-month high yesterday.

How did investors react?

The S&P 500 closed at an all-time high, and the rally continues today … just as we’ve come to expect in a market detached from economic reality.

We haven’t seen price-to-earnings ratios like this since right before history’s biggest stock market crashes. Yet, Wall Street consensus is that stock prices will march higher from here…

So do valuations matter anymore?

Today, certified market technician Clint Lee fills in for Ted and shows you that valuations never mattered much in the short term. Then he reveals the three best tools you can use to make big profits quickly.

Trust the Process

There’s no one right way to make money in the stock market. What’s important is that you follow a proven process consistently. Today, Clint shares part of the system he uses to grow portfolios for investors like you … with great results

You’ll also discover:

  • How to decide if you should be an “investor” or a “trader.” (11:51-16:04)
  • Hard proof that valuations hardly matter over a one-year period. (6:00-7:53)
  • Three measures that can help you profit by pinpointing the market’s direction in the short-term. (8:17-11:51)

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