Bitcoin’s monumental surge went into overdrive last week, jumping 25% in just a few days.

What’s behind the incredible advance that topped off a monster, months-long rally? The latest catalyst might surprise you.

And that same development has also pushed huge sums of money into other assets. In this week’s Your Money Matters, financial expert Clint Lee tells you where, besides bitcoin, to put your money to ride this wave to big profits.

Beyond Crypto

If Bitcoin’s dizzyingly high price level gives you vertigo, there are cheaper investment plays that have yet to hit their stride.

Watch today’s video to find out what they are. You’ll also discover:

  • A shocking chart that explains the dramatic market reaction to a seemingly boring Fed meeting. (0:54-3:49)
  • Why big institutional investors are piling into “scarcity” assets like bitcoin, and which one is poised to soar next. (5:27-8:07)
  • That the best performing trade of 2020 still has legs. Buy this ETF to make gains from the its next move higher. (8:07-10:40)
  • And more.

To watch the video, click here or click on the image below:

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