My son is in the midst of what parents aptly dub the “terrible twos.”

He’s still months away from actually turning two. But that doesn’t hold him back at all.

On the one hand, he’s teething, cranky and clingy. The next moment, he’s sweet and cuddly, loving and curious.

Over the course of an hour, he has so many mood swings that I nearly have whiplash.

It’s not unlike watching the crypto market over the past month.

A brief relief rally had kicked off on Tuesday.

But by Wednesday morning, bitcoin had slipped under $20,000 again as recession fears revived in the broader stock market.

Then, as if traders hadn’t seen enough, the crypto markets opened up on Friday morning.

Oddly enough, handling crypto uncertainty is exactly the same as dealing with a toddler’s tantrum…

Don’t panic.

You see, my toddler can sense frustration — and once he does, he doubles down.

Forget about leaving the playground without a scene. That ship has sailed.

Investing while you’re emotional — whether fearful, frustrated or even confused — is the same dangerous game.

You can be shaken out of your positions that you’ve thoughtfully built up over time in just a few minutes.

And the “strong hands” who didn’t sell? Well, they’re laughing all the way to the bank.

It’s a tough time to be a crypto investor, without a doubt.

But that’s why Ian King and his team have been working frantically behind the scenes to pull a special event together for you.

We’re calling it: “THE NEXT MILLION.”

And in this special webinar, Ian will show you exactly why this crypto bear market is a blip on the radar — and how it’s actually very healthy for the market as a whole.

The good news is you can reserve your spot ahead of time.

All you have to do is click here and enter your email address.

And keep reading below for this week’s Winning ideas.

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