Matt Badiali and Anthony Planas were at the Sprott Natural Resource Symposium in Vancouver, British Columbia, this week.

Over 180 investors in natural resources and precious metals gather each year to discuss the latest innovations in the natural resources space.

Matt has compiled tons of interviews and research from Sprott over the years. He shares it all with readers of Real Wealth Strategist, Front Line Profits and Apex Profit Alert.

Today, he wants to give you some of his insights!

Here’s a photo of Matt recording an interview he’s going to share with his Front Line Profits readers.

These experts are members of Matt’s Golden Rolodex. His Golden Rolodex interviews are a unique benefit for members of Real Wealth Strategist and Front Line Profits. He tells us he has many more lined up in 2019.

And that’s just one of the experts he met this year. Sprott is an opportunity to meet the true vanguard of mining tech.

Matt saw many companies promoting major innovations in mining. Real Wealth Strategist readers are already familiar with some of them.

He writes about all the latest news in precious metals and more in his Winning Investor Daily articles.

In fact, Matt met with one firm that uses artificial intelligence to locate potential drill targets. He tells us it’s the first time he’s ever seen anything like it!

Innovations like these will revolutionize the mining space for years to come.

Matt’s $926 Billion Takeaway — Invest in This Trend Now

With all that in mind, Matt wants to share one platform that’s fueling the mining sector right now.

This $926 billion industry will change mining as we know it.

Chipmaker Qualcomm says it will be bigger than electricity. Bloomberg argues it will usher in “the fourth Industrial Revolution.”

Matt’s talking about 5G technology.

The 5G revolution is already underway in many major U.S. cities. AT&T and Comcast are expanding their own networks from New York, New York, to Miami, Florida.

Intel and Google are pouring billions of research dollars into it.

It’s clearly a game changer for consumers.

Matt has a lead on one company bringing this game-changing technology to the mining space. Analysts predict early investors could see gains of 100% and 300%.

You could grab even bigger gains over the next decade!

This company developed its own powerful software to control all aspects of a mining site.

It performs tasks that mining experts thought impossible just a few year ago.

It can locate potential drill sites. Workers use it to remotely control heavy equipment. And all of that is why we call it the Amazon of mining.

Matt wanted to let you in on the company today … but he knew there were other buy-now businesses profiting from innovations like this.

That’s why Matt researched three more stocks for you to buy.

Demand for one resource in particular has surged over the years.

But we’re facing a supply deficit. It will lead to a shortage of 270,000 metric tons by 2023.

Matt discovered three stocks to stay ahead of this looming supply crisis.

He wants to tell you more about each of these miners. And we want to make sure you learn more before it’s too late to make massive gains.

So, we’re letting you in on this special offer from Matt.

Click here to watch a special presentation he put together just for you.

Our experts have more content to share with you this week!

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