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2021’s BIGGEST Winner?!

If you called ARKK’s top and sold it in February 2021, you would have made a lot of money. On the other hand, whoever bought ARKK from you has lost half their money in just a year’s time. Going even further, if you took your ARKK gains and put them into BRK.B on February 12, you’d be up 30% on that trade. The chances that any investors actually made that “switcheroo” are vanishingly small. The move looks good in hindsight … but at the time it would’ve seemed ludicrous to most investors. That’s why you should always follow one key rule when it comes to maximizing your long-term potential…Don’t be a trader … be an investor.

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2021: What Went Wrong?

6 out of 10 fund managers failed to beat the market benchmarks in 2021. After 2020 saw record-breaking stock gains, why was this year so difficult? In his last YouTube video for 2021, Ted Bauman explores what happened to the investment game this year. Then he explains how to improve your odds of finding investment winners in 2022.

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