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More winning in the U.S.-China trade war. Is it time to ’Murica things up around here a little bit? I think it is. China’s Valentine’s Gift; Earnings All a-Twitter
by Joseph Hargett February 6, 2020 Great Stuff
China’s Valentine’s Day Gift Well color me happy, the market is on a four-day winning streak! Following on the heels of yesterday’s impressive payrolls data, the major market indexes are retesting all-time high territory. Today’s driver was news that China will cut retaliatory tariffs on some U.S. goods in half. What’s more, the adjustments will […]
Wall Street realizes that it might have … maybe … perhaps … possibly overreacted to the coronavirus outbreak. Kung Flu Crazy; Borg Assimilates Delphi; Apple Cooks up Earnings
by Joseph Hargett January 28, 2020 Great Stuff
Kung Flu Crazy Another day, another virus story. Are you sick and tired of the “kung flu” yet? (Editor’s Note: If you’re sick and tired with the kung flu, please seek medical attention immediately.) After getting the sweats yesterday, the market appears to feel much better today. Much like you when you’re out of sick […]
If you’re reading this edition of Great Stuff, there was a glitch in the matrix, I was visited by a white-bearded wizard with a ring and a quest … or I finally got my letter to Hogwarts. A Glitch in the Great Stuff Matrix
by Joseph Hargett January 14, 2020 Great Stuff
If you’re reading this, there was a glitch in the matrix, I was visited by a white-bearded wizard with a ring and a quest … or I finally got my letter to Hogwarts.
Big players are leaving Facebook’s libra cryptocurrency in droves. It’s time for real crypto investing advice. The U.S.-China Trade Deal Bamboozle: There is No Trade Deal
by Joseph Hargett October 14, 2019 Great Stuff
You’ve Been Bamboozled Something is bothering me, dear Great Stuff readers. I feel you’ve been done a disservice by the financial media after Friday’s trade-deal love fest. So, to make things painfully clear, let’s just put this on the table now: There is no trade deal. I know, I know. You were told on Friday […]
catnip meme Yuan Currency to Rule Them All; Bitcoin Greater Than Gold
by Joseph Hargett August 5, 2019 Great Stuff
Above All … Don’t Panic I have to level with you. Making jokes and finding a positive spin on the market after this weekend isn’t fun. My heart breaks for the people in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. I live less than an hour from Dayton. I know some of the families affected. To […]

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