He worked as a janitor and a gas station attendant … yet he died a multimillionaire.

His formula for building wealth was simple: He bought stocks he read about in The Wall Street Journal.

And when he wanted to learn more about a company, he went to his local library.

The lesson here is this: You don’t need a high IQ, an Ivy League degree or the ability to understand complex math to be a great investor.

Yet Wall Street likes to complicate the process and make investing seem complex. That’s why people seek out its advice.

But the truth is, anyone can make money in the market. You just need to follow a few simple steps.

Watch my video below to learn more about how to turn your small investments into millions.

In this video, I talk about:

  • Ronald Read, who was a blue-collar worker yet accumulated a net worth of $8 million.
  • Three crucial steps that will contribute to your growing wealth.
  • One useful tip that will simplify the way you choose stocks.

You, as David, have two huge advantages in your battle against Goliath — the stock market.

Don’t take your advantages and turn them into disadvantages. Instead, use them to the maximum.

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Charles Mizrahi

Editor, Alpha Investor Report

This post was originally written August 29, 2019 and updated on February 20, 2020.