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The Massive IPO Boom Will Create Generational Wealth

The Massive IPO Boom Will Create Generational Wealth

We’re only about halfway through 2019, and it’s already been a historic year for initial public offerings (IPOs).

Slack Technologies Inc. (NYSE: WORK) jumped 50% in its first trading day … Zoom Video Communications Inc. (Nasdaq: ZM) is up 184% since its April IPO … and Beyond Meat Inc. (Nasdaq: BYND) is up a whopping 577% since it went public in May!

That’s why I asked Michael Carr and Ian King for their thoughts on some of the biggest IPOs we’ve seen this year.

After all, there hasn’t been this much excitement around IPOs in decades. And these are the times when we need to consult the experts — the trading veterans who’ve navigated the booms and busts over the years.

In today’s Market Insights, they discuss:

The new IPO boom isn’t like the 1999-2000 dot-com bubble: The companies going public today need to have huge revenue and proven business models. Quote: “In 1999, Uber would’ve come out with just a business plan. It wouldn’t have even bothered signing up drivers.”

There’s over $3 trillion sitting on the sidelines right now: Money market funds are looking for the right opportunity to jump back into the stock market. Quote: “Right now, there’s a lot of fuel waiting to be added to the bull market.”

Facebook’s cryptocurrency is a game-changer: The new payment method will be backed by U.S. dollars, or another currency, that are stored in a bank. Quote: “It’s going to act more like a ‘stablecoin,’ where it’s not as speculative. It’s something you can move back and forth.”

To hear more, just watch the video below:

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Jay Goldberg

Assistant Managing Editor, Banyan Hill Publishing

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