Excitement is in the air at Winning Investor Daily.

We’ve been hinting about it all week…

And finally, next Thursday, you’ll get to see it for yourself:

Profit Framing With Ian King.

This is Ian’s options strategy. And he’s finally ready to pull back the curtain on it.

As senior managing editor, I’ve had a front-row seat for the past few months as Ian and the rest of the team have worked tirelessly to bring this trading system to you.

But this strategy has been in the works for much longer than that.

Ever since Ian first joined the team in 2018, he’s been talking about bringing this exact options system to life right here at Banyan Hill.

It goes back even further than that, though. Twenty years, in fact.

That’s when Ian first learned about “Profit Framing.” He was personally taught by two of the most accomplished options traders on Wall Street.

Profit Framing is how professional traders and hedge funds have been trading the market to generate consistent income for their clients — and themselves.

You see, this strategy’s secret to success is that it follows how the market really trades 80% of the time.

It even maintained a 78% win rate during beta testing.

And Ian will be sharing this powerful strategy next Thursday, January 20, at 4 p.m. Eastern time.

But spots to this exclusive streaming event won’t last for very long.

Click here now to claim your VIP access.

VIP access means you’ll get to watch Ian’s presentation before anyone else.


If you register your phone number for text reminders, you’ll automatically receive VIP Plus access and Ian’s Options 101: Guide to Trading Options report … absolutely free.

Again, to reserve your seat to Profit Framing With Ian King, click here now.

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