Last week, bond yields jumped faster than they have at nearly any other point in the last 20 years. The Nasdaq plummeted 5%, dragged down by huge losses for 2021’s biggest winning stocks.

The market fears subsided this morning as yields edged back down. But will higher rates rear their head again? And if so, which stocks can hand you profits this year, as last year’s darlings take a beating from rising yields?

In today’s Your Money Matters, Ted and Clint dissect this market mayhem and tell you where to find winning stocks as interest rates rock Wall Street.

Watch to discover:

  • The two reasons rising bond yields tanked stocks last week and the clues that gives you about where the market’s headed next. (0:50-5:05)
  • How far the highest-flying tech stocks will fall if interest rates continue their ascent. (5:05-9:05)
  • Two exchange-traded funds set to hand you profits this year, no matter what happens with interest rates. (9:05-11:15)
  • A type of company that may look vulnerable to high rates, but is actually a perfect way to profit from them. (11:15-14:00)

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