Oil demand is way down.

A month ago, the price of oil went negative for the first time. You literally could get paid to receive barrels of oil.

Although this event was mainly due to short-term supply and demand dynamics, it also highlights the shift toward lithium-ion batteries.

The performance and capacity that lithium-ion batteries offer are unparalleled. As a result, cellphones, laptops and electric vehicles are just a few of the many technologies utilizing these batteries.

Apple has used lithium-ion batteries in the iPhone since its first-generation release in 2007. Since then, the stock has returned over 2,900%.

And Tesla has used lithium-ion batteries since the company released the Roadster in 2008. In the time since, the stock has returned over 4,700%.

Lithium-Ion Batteries Are Transforming Every Technology

Looking ahead, cheap and high-performance energy storage will continue to accelerate the growth of technological shifts.

It’s easy to see why.

In addition to the performance gain, the battery also offers a cost advantage.

As you can see in the chart below, lithium-ion batteries’ cost per kilowatt-hour (kWh) has decreased 88% over the past decade — from $1,183 to $143.

By 2030, the cost is expected to decline another 50%:

Cellphones, laptops and electric vehicles are just a few of the many technologies utilizing lithium-ion batteries.

(Source: Bloomberg)

We’ve already seen huge returns from companies that have utilized these batteries.

And as the cost per kWh declines even further, new technology will be created and smart investors will see their wealth grow to unseen levels:

  • Lithium-ion batteries will be used in every wireless device and will accelerate the growth of the Internet of Things.
  • Electric vehicles will soon be cheaper to own than gasoline vehicles, paving the way for driverless cars and truck fleets.
  • Batteries will replace jet fuel in commercial aircraft and lead to the next generation of aviation.

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