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Automatic Fortunes

Automatic Fortunes gives you access to my exclusive four-step system for finding “tipping-point trends”: massive developments that are set to change life as we know it. With this system, I identify the companies that are set to soar thanks to these colossal trends.

A great example of these disruptive trends is Apple’s iPhone. When it launched in 2007, everybody started ditching their flip phones. Suddenly, phones had giant screens capable of sending and receiving emails and more.

The dawn of smartphones kicked off a revolution. New companies were needed for hardware (like Apple and Samsung) and applications (like Facebook and Google).

Within a decade, global smartphone sales went from zero to $478 billion.

Now, we won’t be investing in these household names that shifted the market back then. Those trades are too crowded! Instead, we’ll be investing in mid-cap stocks — in the $2 billion to $10 billion range — that are tied to a new technology that’s rapidly changing the world and poised to grow earnings exponentially.

The companies I look for have an established track record of profitability, but also have an “X factor.”

Sometimes this could be auto-parts supplier that manufactures a vital component for autonomous vehicles. Other times, it could be a payment-processing company reinventing the mobile-payments industry. Or even an e-commerce play in the fastest-growing country in the world.

These companies are overlooked by Main Street and Wall Street alike, but with my system, we’ll be finding these lucrative opportunities just as they hit the tipping point of profitability.

Automatic Fortunes includes:

  • Access to my model portfolio: This portfolio includes every stock that’s on my “buy now” list. I will typically recommend 12 new stocks every year. The portfolio will tell you what to buy, at what price to buy it and when to sell. If I see a good opportunity to make money … you will be the first to know.
  • Monthly dispatch: This is the best part. Every month, I dive into a specific tipping-point trend tied to a recommendation I think you should take. This usually revolves around a new investment I’m targeting. Each month, you’ll receive an eight-page report with all the details.
  • Weekly webinar: You’ll also receive my weekly webinar. With these updates, you’ll never be left in the dark. I’ll reach out to you every Thursday to fill you in on any updates on our current portfolio. I’ll also share my views on any events in the market I think you should be aware of.
  • The Driverless Car Race Is Here: Grab 100% Gains Now: We just put the finishing touches on this info-packed report. In these pages, we give you the one stock that will put you in the fast lane to big profits on the rise of self-driving cars.
  • Trade alerts: Any time we need to sell an open position; I will send you an alert via email. I’ll provide explicit instructions on what to buy or sell and for how much. And with today’s technology, it’s easy to make my trades over your phone, computer or tablet. It’s that simple.
  • Daily briefings: By joining, you also get a free subscription to our daily e-letter, where you will receive unique, profitable insights not just from me, but my whole team. We’ll advise you day in … and day out.
  • A dedicated customer service team: Finally, if you ever have questions about your membership, simply give one of my team members a call at 866-584-4096, Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m EST. You can also reach out online through our Contact Us form. And if you have any feedback you’d like to share, drop us a note at


Ian King
Ian King
Editor, Automatic Fortunes

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