“If something is popular and making headlines, be on guard.”

Alpha Investor founder Charles Mizrahi says that’s the sign that the end could be near.

This week, he showed how that was the case for one popular ETF.

You won’t want to miss his Real Talk on how chasing performance can be the downfall for investors. It’ll help you avoid ending up with empty pockets.

And bubbles weren’t the only thing Charles tackled this week. Read on below to find out his insights on rising interest rates, Crypto Winter and board director betrayal…

“Maybe I’m a Fuddy Duddy”

That’s what Steve Gruber of America’s Voice Live told Charles about his understanding of cryptos.

With bitcoin down about 50% from its record highs back in November 2021, plenty of people are wondering about the future ahead for prices.

So, Charles gave his take on cryptos and what rising Federal Reserve rates mean for all kinds of businesses in his most recent interview with Steve.

You can catch up and watch it by clicking here or the image below.

Charles Mizrahi Fed Interest Rates Steve Gruber of America’s Voice Live

“You’re Gonna Like the Way You Look. I Guarantee It.”

You may remember this iconic line from Men’s Wearhouse.

George Zimmer was once the face of this $2 billion menswear powerhouse.

In fact, under his leadership, Men’s Wearhouse expanded into 1,200 stores across America.

But when he hand-picked a new board of directors, he wasn’t anticipating their betrayal.

So, Charles sat down with George on the latest episode of The Charles Mizrahi Show to discuss it all — including his sudden exit from Men’s Wearhouse and his exciting new project.

Be sure to check it out now!

The Charles Mizrahi Show podcast George Zimmer Men's Warehouse


Lina Lee

Senior Managing Editor, Real Talk