He never brought his glove to games … until that night.

As he took his seat in left field, he didn’t know it would turn into a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

All eyes in the stadium were on the batter when it happened.

New York Yankees star Aaron Judge was going for a new American League record by hitting his 61st home run of the season.

Aaron stepped up to home plate, the wind up and the pitch!

BAM! Out of the park! And it was hurdling right to the fan sitting in left field. His glove that he never brought — out and ready.

He had it! Then…

He dropped the ball.

One fan staring at the historic ball he just dropped…

That ball could have been sold for more than $200,000.

And he just dropped it.


Well, it got me thinking.

Are you dropping the $240K ball right now???

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Think of it like a historic, once-in-a-lifetime, home run ball.

That’s why our CEO Aaron invested $150,000 on Friday in the three stocks Charles recommended.

And in just one day, he was already up over $4,200.

Yesterday morning, he sent me and Charles this email:

That’s amazing!

More than $8,000 in just two days.

Just think of what that could turn into in the long run.

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Live Long and Prosper,

Jay Goldberg

Jaclyn Frakes-Jones

Your Friendly Neighborhood Editor