Today, I’m taking a break from trading education to discuss some upcoming changes regarding our training tools and the live Trade Room.Banyan Hill has been working long and hard since Trade Kings first went live to build AK and I a custom platform for delivering our content, and now it’s finally ready!I already know that this new platform is going to significantly improve our abilities to educate and our users’ ability to learn.Here’s just some of the key benefits:

  1. The platform is web browser based, there is no longer a need for special app taking up your PC resources.
  2. Login access is tied directly to your Banyan Hill website login, so no need to maintain two logins.
  3. We’ve added webcam support so you’ll get to know me even better… Seeing me and AK’s pretty faces are just a bonus for you guys.
  4. The chat room is now full screen height so you can see further back up the chat stream and go back to any insights you might have missed.
  5. We can now have multiple notifications at the bottom of the webcast, allowing me to much better highlight trade ideas to you. For example, if you login a bit late during my session, you’ll be able to see the last three trade ideas even though you weren’t in the room!
  6. Emojis! Turn Your Images On
  7. All existing features on our current platform, such as AK’s trade notes where he annotates the summary of his session, will still be there.
  8. A drastic improvement in stability.
  9. Stream video and audio quality is overall much better.
  10. This launch is only version 1.0. During live testing we’ve noted the requests from our users to improve it further, and we will be able to seamlessly implement those improvement features whenever necessary.

The chat room will grow with Trade Kings, and has already given me ideas on making the user experience superior to what I could on the previous platform.I’ll conclude with a comment from one user yesterday, after our last live test when I broadcasted my noon session back on the previous platform:“When are we going back to the new platform. I like that one better.”The answer is very soon… Tomorrow morning, actually!If you still haven’t joined us in Trade Kings, there has never been a better time! This new platform will literally change the game! Click here to join now.I’d like to take a moment to publicly thank our development team for their exceptional hard work and responsiveness to the customization I requested during the development process.There might be a couple hiccups along the way, but I’ve already seen how quick and effective the web team can hammer those out.I look forward to seeing you on our custom Trade Kings platform tomorrow.

Until then,

Bryan KlindworthSenior Analyst, Kings Corner